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The Secession Movement

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Toombe has not yet resignod, bul he will do so ou thethirdof March, unlees Georgia secedea. Milledgeville, Nov. 18. Aflairs aro much quietcr sinca Wednesday iiight. Mr. Stephens made a great speech, taking strong conservativo grounds. The etfoct subsequoiitl y shows that it proves oil oa tho troublcd waters, All partios are now djsposed to aet coolly and considerately. To day tho Convention bilí passed uuaniruoua ly. The eleetion of delegutcs takes place on tho 2d of January. and tho Oonvontion meets on the Weduesday iollow ing. Tho premnblo of the Couvention bilí reads as follows : Wicreas, The present crisis in national nffairs, iu the judgment of tho General Assüinbly, demanda resistance. And, Wiereas, 'it is the privilego of the people to determine tho mode and measure and time of such resislanco : Thereforo, the General Assembly enacts, that tho Governor issuo his proolamation ordering the election on the Oth of January. The lst 2d and cid seetions of tho bilí refer to the time oi olection, tho meeting ol the Convention, and tbo number of dolcgatcs to vvhich each couuty is entitlbd. Tho 4th section reads that said Convención when assembled may considcr all grievances imparing or affbcting the equality oi' nghts oi' tho the people f Georgia as inembers oí' tho United States, and determine the mode, nieasure and timo of redress. The 5th sectiou provides ior tho arnount to pay the delegates, and said Convention shall by vota ñx tho pay of all their officers, and any dolcgate or delogates that thoy may appoiut to any Couvoulion, Congress, or cinbasBy, and provides for all other expenses ncurred by tho Convention. Tho Sth gives the power to elect their officera and do all things needful to carry out the truo inlention and meaning oí this act, and tho purpoees of tho ConventlOD. Mobile, Ala., Nov. 17. The Register declares for secession. It says that the largo sectional vote North and South, proves a common government impossible, and all eSorts to save the Union fruitless, It appeals to conservativo men to take the movement into their own hands, as tho only means of avoiding tho worst consequenties of an inevitable revolution. Augusta, Ga., Nov. 18. Tho bilí appropnating SI, 000,000 to arm and cquip Georgia, is a completo law. Tho Florida Legislature, at its last session. passed a resolution promising decidea action in caso of tho olectinn of a Bhick RopublicaU l'repident, and quiring the Governor to convono the Legislature. Tho Jackson Standard and other papers, urge compHance. Despatchea from Charleston announee the resignation of Mr. Bouham, MciTibur of Congress. New Tork, Xov, 19. The Times' Washington correspondí ent saysjthat information is reccived here tiiat exGovernor Aikeu opposee seeession. M. Otero, delégate froin New Mexico, hrts written home, advising hisconstituents to connect thoir destiny with the Pacific Statos, should tho Union be dissolved. Californiana in Washington declare their purpose ol advoeating an independent republic on the Pacific side. Mr. Floyd, Soerotary oí War, has expressed his dotermination to hand over the iorts and arsuna'.s in South Carolina o tact to his suscessor on the 4th of Marob. Anyattempt, thereibrc, to scize thuin by the socessioniste, as suggested by Mr. Rhett, would inevitably lead to eerious coni-equeneee. Washington, Nov. 19. Accordiog to an article in today's Richmond Ihtpatch, Virginia can, at the present time, arm cfliuiently about twenty-üve thousand inen. She has at least sixty bron.ed and rifled field pieces and howitzera. A contract has been mado ior three thousand shells and shrapnel in addition to those purchased vvith the Parrott guns. Five hundred barrels of Duponi powder bas been purchased and stored :n magazines built fur the purpose. Tho model for a new Virginia musknt. is doterinined on, and other wiTliko preparations are, also in progress.


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