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"never Too Late To Mend."

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tire reporta frotn Lmsing siy that tho Senate and Ilouse have orderoi a joiat coinmíttae to examina into t)i affairs of tho í? t:vt'j Trouury The Comuiittoa ha9 hoon appoioted and consista of Messrs. Bsldwio and Jo:iea, of ths Sonate; and Me.-isrs. Joy. Gilbcrt, ind Browuell, of t!io House; four Republicana aud ono .Ucmocrat. Tliis iuvestiation has been urgad for the last four yeara, and charges made of fnmd, corruption, and pecalatioo but h:is bsen períistantly doniod by t.vo Legislaturas. Now that the Trea-iury is e nfessodly bmikrupt au investigation ia orderod. It is -'losking tho stable after the norse is stolen, but nevertheless we wat the exposé with interest. 23Ê" Secretary Thompson tendered liis rosignation on Tuesday, assigning as a reao:i tliat Acting .Secretary of VVur Bolt, liad sent 250 troops in tha Star of the West to ruinforce Mnj. AnDERSON. - Better late than never; his active secessiou svmpathies and eoinplicat.ions with rebeüion and tretson, shoilld, liave produced a r8Ígnation long ago. And certainly if ho would not resign he hould have been removed. Cobb, Floyd, and Thomp3ON all reinained in the Cabi:iet too long For thegood of the country.


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