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The frfatdanf Kev. Samuel Cornelkis. nre resprctfully invited to atund donution visiiat his resid-r.ce on Mndny evning Bert January 2 Ut 1861 Ann Arbor, Januaiy lóth 1860. ■■-- ++ - ■ jL3L" Joun Foster was tried in the Circuit Court uf th County. 'ast wetk, on nehargeof Burglnry. and convieted He ia the man who was diacovercd eome weeks ago by GciTEttMN atteinpüng to brftal into the 8lore of Bach A. Piesson and fullowed by Guitebman and others and oinettd Aa we gave the details a' ihe ime, it is unnece#ary to publiah the evidenoe. The prisuner was genteneed on Fridny foranixn, to seven years confinement t hnrd l'bor in iheState Pason ut Jackn and was deposiied tbervio on the fter-noon of the inrae. He na ft evidently a liarjcricd villain, showing it n hU verv fae, and now lina a chance to labor and reflect. jpag It vill hu seen by resolutimw pubiished in i ur columns, thut tbe StiuíXN GuAiius, of this City have tendi red tliir srr rices to the Uovernor and Pivsident, ind xpressed a readinss to turn out at. the tap of the drum in defanee if the constitution and law (f the coun ry. This eompany lüia ïnattril in it llmi wll figlit if mecssory. D:ïfAn atmcxatioii meeting was lifild at the Court Home on Wcdneday eTniug and ;ome p'Oïn-s It w;is d.eidfdto ftdmit the Villagi with boundurics proposed nJ to extend the Corporation riglity rods taat.or to the east lin:of the Ofinetery grounds. Some oppott ion htiing tunde to extensión W-st and ?uuth, a re o t'tion pased in favor of exttneion in those directions and the C minittee inst'uet.e.l to take the sense of the peojile living in the territory. Propositions were v irioua lo extend in each diiection one fourili and olie half a mik-, and to the Town line of S.uo and l'ittsfield. The meeiiig ailjounied to 3sturdy evi-ning at which tinie thf Cominittee will r urt on boundaiies and charter aniendnicnts. jTSfDr. Hiillamd v;is wreuted iih n oTei crowdtd house on Tu Si'ay evcning Hin lecture was riccivcd vrilh grent :avor.- There was cert.aii:!, mu;h truth in lus pi situins, and his stric urta upon an ovsr worki-d [opl w re no more puinud tlian just The adage that 'all work and no play iiiükts Jack a dull boy' is juac as i rue now as it was When we used to slumble over our lessoua in ' Webster'i El:men::uy."


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