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Cii ' '■- ■- i - ■Bnfitiitss ïiftrtïti. I. O. O. F. WASHTENAWI.ODGENro9,o( the Inñepcn.Vnt order of Odd Fcllows inecis at tlieir I-odge Room, "tfiñaSS: n'. 'l0CkF. Soko, Sec'y. S. GSUTHERLAND & SON, WHGLBSALE AN-I1 RETAILGrocersanrl Coiumslon Merchaut. Eut ..le Mam trcot Ann Arbor B. I1ESSE, F fe.üiomj ericc to the cit.zor.s „f Am ArtJJ Street, Ann Arbor Mich. N, B. Niglit culis iiromplv attendedto. TWITCHELL & CLASK. 'i Vire Insurance Oflic id (-.y Hall Btock, JAMES B. GOTT, r AW OFFICE, No. 2, over SWwBon & Geer's Store. L J. M. SCOTT. A5IBROTTTE & MOTOOBTH AnTiSTS, in the rooms tl, e store ofSperry k Uoore Prfec t BatUfaction juaranteed. _ L. D. GODFREY, ATtorxsy AJIDCOTntamiQBatl, Ann Albor city. Office NorthKastCorner of tlie Court Huuse W. N. STEONG, DKiLEK in Dry Goodi, Boots andSUoes.Groceriea. Bonnet, Fancy Ooodi, te. Ewjhknge Block, Ann Arbor. WINES & KNIGHT. Dïalbrs in Stapte, Fancy Dry Goods, boots and ShoeB, c Ac, Main fcftreiit Anti Arbor. MARTIN & THOMPSON. FURSrriBE Waks-Uooms, Dealer in all kimlsof Furniture, Sc. Sb lilück, -Mam "Sueet. ' RISDON &HENDERSON, I. ÉALERS in Hardware. Stove, house f urnishinggnods, Tui U'uv :c. JEC., N'rr' (jlock, Mitin Street. A. P. MILLS, Dkai-ër in títuple Dry Gouds, Groceries, Boots and rihuen and Read; Made Clothing, HurunJJStteet Aun irbor JOliJsfw. MAYARD, Drat.ïu iu Staple Fancy Dry Goodir, Boots ana Sfaoefl &c. te., iiuin Street, Ana Aj bar. ' BKAKE & ABEL, ttorskvs ïc CoyjfSKlXOM at ïaw, nul s..'.icitor.s n ; . Chuaco'. Uihci1 iu thoold I'ob h ttg, Ann rbor I KIlÑGsLEV.te ,l() i U-.AN, , rouixtb, Goonseilors, Soliciturs, and Nut&ries Pub lic, liave lïtjuüs iiiiü l'l;i-.s BhOWtSf Utloa "! ■■ ii the jtfunty, andatteod toconvejfaacvQgundcollevUng etnands, .uni ld pajring t&xev and schoo] interest in iiij part of tin tíiaii;. Office eaat siíe oí 6tw Square, Ann Axbw. JAMÉ8 H. OOOK, JUSTiCE OF the I'kack. Oilice iiear the Desot, Ypsiianti, Michigan. Wm. LKWii'T, M. D., PltTSidAN & SuiiGE'iy. Ottoo at his vesirtence, North Bide of Huron sireet, and Ld house West ut Oirisies itreet, Ann Arbor. o. COLLIER, MASUFACTUBKKanvl dealer in Boots and Shoes. F.xchunge Block, 2 doOM South of Maynard, tebbins k WUson' atore, Ann Arbor, liluh. MCïOKËS! LOOMLS. M4.NUFACTUREB8 an'1 .iealer in Boots and Shoea, Pboenix Block, Main Street, one duor Nor tb ol Vasliington. Wn. S. SAUKDERS, Dïalbr in BootstShoes, and Rubbers, Ann Arbor Cash Boot i Shoti Store, smith Bide of' Public Square. M. GUITERMAN & CO, WB0LK3ALKand Retail dealers and manufacturera of Ready Made Clothing, Importers of Cloths, Cassinerea, Doe.skine, &c. No. 5, N;w lilock, Ann Arbor. C. B. PORTER, jnna Sdrgko.v Dkntist. Office corner of Main flfffpi J 3 and Huron streets, over P. Bacb-'s store, IJTpIBa! Anti Arbor, Michigan. 'XTT April, 1859, Wm. WAGNER, Dealer in Ready Made Clothing' Cloths, Cassiraeres and Veatings, lïata, Caps, Trunk.s, Carpet Bags, &c. Main t., Ann Arbor. M. CAMPION, íThrchaxt Ta ylor and dealer in Ready Made Clothing VI No 41, 1'licenix Block, Ann Arbor. BACII & PIERNÓN . DBAlerb in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Boots & Shoes, &c, Main street, Ann Arbor. MAYNARD, STEBBINS & CO., 0UI.XB8 in Dry Good, Grocerics, DriiRh ft _[e.licines. Clíoots i 8ho, &c. .coinerof Muiu and Ann strectB, uBt bel z w the Kxchange, ilnn Arbor. EBERBAÖH& CO,. D malers in Drugs anrl Mc licincs, Perfumery .Toilet articles, % few doorn south of the Franklin House, Ann Arbor. SLAWSON & GEER, bockrs, Provisión .'t Commiasion Merchanls.and dea.T lerfiiü Watkr Limk, Land Plastes, and Plastkk of Pajum, one door Kast of Cook'a Hotel. C BLÏSS, Dku:k in Clocks, Watenea, Jewelry. and Fancy Goodg, at the ign of the Big Wutcii, Ko. 27, l'ho?iiix lilock. J. C. WATTS. Drauïr in Clocks, Wateheft, Jevfilrj and Sil ver Ware No 22, New Bluck, Ann Arbor. T. B. PREEMAN. Barrer and FaHhianable Hair Dfotfler. Main Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. Hair Vronts and Curls kept iongtantly on tiand. SCHOFF & MILLER. LiEiLKHs in HlseellMieaua, School, and Blink Bofika Sta ' Ucrwry, Paper Hanglngs, kc, Main Street Ann Arbor. D. DkFOREST. íITbolesai.1! anrl Retail Dealtrin I.umber, Iith. ShinT' gles, Saab, Doors, Blíads, Water Lime, Grana Biveï Piaster, l'Uiter Paris, .-ind Xails of all sites. A lul] and perfect aortmlt of the above, and all othe'r tinds ol building matenals constantly on hand at the lowest poisible rateü, on Detroit Street, a few ruit kan the Kailroad Depot. Alo oyerating extensively in the l'atent Cement Roofing. WÍSHTEXA W CO1ISTV lÏBL'Ëlllcl li'H {■rofirOBT of Bittlec and festaments at ih% prices t W. C. oorheis'. - CHAPÍN, WOOD & CO., TO MAIÍUFACTUREBÍ O] 3Erizxt: Book.. - a n n - COLORED MEDIUMS ya,rZ3llxs Papor,c. Mv ABBOH Bll H. miss jenníeeTliñes7 rnnFArHKl! OF l'iann Forte, Guitar.and Binging boing 1 dlrouol enUrgingher dom, n receive niluilsat the renonce of Prof JVINCHELL, whlch .,!„!: t. tb Union School, will bc very cunvenieiit for suco schol arsatteniling therc ho inny wislj to jjiirnue the study ofmuKicin connection with other branchefl. Terms$IO, half to be paid at the middk-and the bal


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