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Expression Of Dress

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aore like flowcrs. than we thirk. In their adornments they express their nalures, a& the flowors do in their petals and colors. Some vromen aro liko the modest daisies and vioïets; they nover feel botter than wlieo dressed in a moruing wrapper. Otborsaro r.ot thoiBselves uuleaa ttey óaa ñame out in gorgeOOS dyes, liko tlie tulip or blusli rose Wlio lias not soen woinap just likc lillies? We know several maigolds and poppies - There are women üt ouly for velvets, like the dalüias; others are graeeful and aii-y, like azaleas. Now aud then you see hollyhócka and sunflowers AVhen 'oraen are free to dress as. they like, uncoritrolL'.l by others, and not limited by tlioir cir cumstances, they do not fail to express their true charaoters and dress beoomes a form of expression very genuino and uaeful. gSf Doubt is somu tiraos Faith try ing her littlo wings in tho great air, anc fiattering back to her carthnest. PtT "Ho reinonibered the forgotten," was beauiifnlly Bitid of Howard tho phil mthropist.


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