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Amendments To The City Charter

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An Act to amend '' an iiot to incorpórate tlie City of Aim Arbor," approvcd ' pril fourtli, one thousand ciglitbuudrcd ' and iifty-one. Section 1. Tha peoplo of the State of Michigan enaet, That sectlou one of '' Au j act to incorpórate the City of Ann ' bor," appruvcd April fouftb, pighteeo hundrcd au4 fifty one, be ameuded so that the same sliail read as fullows : Section 1. Thut so mucli of the toivn ship of Aim Arbor in the County of; Wushteiww, as is included in the following limit (bcluding the present City of Ann Arbor), to wit: The south threefourthe of section number twenty; 'J'he south. throe-foui-tlis of the west threefourths, oí' sectiou number twenty-one ; The "west three-fourtlis of section mimber tiyiuty-eight ; Entilo section nunibeitwenty-nine ; The north lialL of soction number thiity-two ; and the westtlyee'ourths of the nortli half of section numDer, thirty -three, in township two south, of range aix cast; nnd ho, so imich of the east half of the aoatbeast quurter of section numbiT twenty-one, and of the east hali' of the northeast quarter of sectiqn nuaibcr tweiity-i'iht, aa lies west of the easterly bank of Uuron, opd north oí' tiie south line of the Territorial Road crossing said rivcr. on or near the line between said sections, bo and the same is hereby set 08 trom said towuship and declared to be a city by the name of the City of Ann Arbor. Section 2. Seetioii three of said act shall be ameuded so thut the sanie may read as follona : Section 3. Tbc Biúd Ciiy gliall te dividcd into five wards, as follows : The First Ward shall embrace all portiou of the City lying south of Hurón street anJ east of Four.í) street ; the Second Ward filial 1 embrace all that portion of the City lying soatü of lluron street and west of Fourth street ; the Third Waré slial! embraee all that portion of the City lying north of Iiuroii street, and south of ths lliver Ilnron acd west of Fourth street ; the Fourth Ward shall embrace all that portion of the City lying north of Huron atroct, and south of the liiver Huron, nul eiist of Fourth street ; and the Fit'th Ward shall embrace all that part of the City lyiug north3ast of tho Kiver Huran. The Hforejaid división is made by the actual or supposed continuation of tho centre line of oach of said streets in the present direction thcreof, to the limits of thu ivards : Provided, That the Goinmon Jouncil muy at atiy time, alter the bouuds )f said wards, or any thern. ntid niay at my time, witli the assent ot' the Board of Supervisors of the County of Washteiaw, by a majority vote of all the Saaervüors elcct, cro.itean ndditional VVard, uid niay ereale au additional aasessDieiit l.istiiet, or an additioiml assessmeut and jil.'cüoa district, wlien tij oró shaü bo six warJs. Soctiin 3. Sect:o;i Four of said act skali be atuenJed se that the same may ead as follows : Section i. Thereshall be the followiug offieeri in and tbr súid City, to wit: ou Hayor, one Kecorder, one Marshuli one Sti'ci't Gommiasioner, 0110 Attorney, one Treasurer, two Supervisors- ono to be elected in the First and Seeond Wards, and one to be elected in tho Third, Fourth and Fifth Wards, who shall be assessors in their respectiva district ; oue Culluc(or, or sueli cumber uf Gollscton not exCücding Oiie in eaoh collection district in said City as the Comnion Couneil may by proper ordinuuce prescribe; one Constable, to be eleeted Lu caeh Ward -all of 'vlii'jh óftoors whall hoid their offices fot ana year, and until their sucoessors are elected ar appoiutcd, and qualitícJ ; and two Alderuien, to be elected in ach ward, who shall j-cspectively hold tlieir olfioüs for one and two years, and uutii tlieir successors are eleeled and qualiücd ; and four Justices of tho Peee, vvho shall respectively hold their olüccs for tour years; and when' by an ordimmce to tliat üiïect, the Comniou Couneil shall with the asaent íncntioned ia sectio.i three, btva ] increased the numbcr oí wards to six, i aud the number oí assessüioaí distriota to 1 tbroo, tlicrc símil be tlmse Superviso - : onc in the first and second Wards, one IB ' be third and fourth WarJá, and one iu the fifth and sixth Wards, wbo símil be assessors iu tbeir respectivo districU, aud sh-ill rcspectively hold their ónices for Qne ycar, and until thuir suecessors are eleoted and qualitied. Scction 4. Section Five ofsaid i íict shall ha amendcd no t'aat ikú tüinia may read as í'ollow.s : Sectiosi 5. The inliabitants of said Citj having the (jiiíliíicaíioi.s of .lostors unJcr tbc Constitution of the S.tute, a'aall on tlie ; firs 3Ionday QÍ April, in eacb year, at ' such place in ao'1 VVrar4 aá tbo Oommon . Council hall designute prqoae to elct by plurality of votas by b;,U of, h un among the qualitied electora of s:iid City, one Mayor, one lleccrder, o.:tí Justieo of the Peace,'one Mursh:il, one Street Com..,erándone Oollector, (or suuh numbor of Collectors, not soeudüig oao for each assessrucnt district in said City, as the Cominou Couaeil by proper j nance havo prescribed) ; and the , ants of cach ward n said City, having the liko qualifications of eloctors, ehall at lio same timo and plaoe, iu their respecta e wards, procced to dlfict ene Aldenivui, to hold bis office fór two yaurs, and uL'til bis successor t-'bull be eíeeted and qualilied ; and one Constable, and tliero shall alfa, at the same time, be elected oue Supervisor by tbe qualified olectuis pf the lirst and socond Wards ; and ene Supervisor i bv thö oualifiod eU'etor.s of tbe third, : f,r;;i-th and Sftli Wajeii ; Prsvidedj That h Ward, in which tliere sM)1 at e , time of suoh election be no Aldonnau j having another year to servo, thero thall be two AKlerinen eloeted wha Bhall le ; dividcd into classes as prescribed in 1 liqn six of tliis net, ualöfes tLie doctors ; : i.üü by tluur ballots desiguale wlñob is to hold offico for one ycar only : And providod also, That wben the Cominon Council sliall, wilh the assent aforesaid, hy an ordinanoo to that eifuot, havo iucreascil the. nuinbor of Ward.s to sis, and and the nmnber of aasestment districti to thrue, t.horo ehall be oleeted threu iinprvisors - one in thefirst and second Wards, o:. o in tht! third Sfld fourlh Wanl, and ono in the lii'th and sixth Wurds; And provided a!so, Thrvt such Justices, Supervisors, Constables', shiill eaeh of tlieui luive di;' tika ].(...'r and bó Hlbjjot to the same duticr; i.n.l liabilities as s'i.-h . . rpspeotivejy ia the sevonil tiwulip oJ tliif-; feiUite, and that Kioh ColloctOL. or ■ iors and cacli of thcni shall Lava the lïke pffvstatand be subject to tho sanie dutics and liabilities in relation to colle. tiü? taxes as tcnvnship Trc isurers in tte sevoral townships n tliis State ; And ]rovided furtlior, ïhat all actions w-thin tlio juriwliction of Justiccs of the Pcae may be oomraenced aud prosecuted in s.iid Justices' Cuurts, wlien tho Plaintiff ov. Dofyndant, or onc of the Plaintiffs or Defendantp, resides in a township adjoining the townsliip of xnu Arbor, or in the townships of York, Saliue, Froodom, or Lima, .Scction 5. Section thirty-six of said ; act shall be ameudcd so that the same shall read as follovs ; Scotiou 86. VVhenover the Common Couucil shall bo authorized by a Vote of . the proporty tax-pa;ers of aaid City to1 raise a tax for any spooiljo purpoaOj and" ivhich eauuot be included io tbe assessinent roll and collected or rctun.ed for non-payment as provided in saction tlr.rtyGv of tLis act, it shall be lawful for tbo (Jommon Council to apportion sueh tax upon the property taxable for sueh purpose, accurding to the valuation eontained, in the then last assLBsincut roll, ad ahali place tbe tax in a column opposite the valu&tjfn of tbe property, and wheu bucIi roll is oompleted, the Recorder shall ( make aud deliver a copy thereof to the Collector or Collectors of the proper district oi' district, together with a warrant or warrants, signed by the Mayor and. Recorder, comuianding the Collector to coliect from the scvcral persous named in said roll, the sovcral eims uieutioned in the column of sueh roll opposite their re,-, üpective names, and to account for and, pay over to the City Trcasurer, within a, time iu said warrant to be specified, not ltsa thao thirty days, nor mure tUuu niue. ty days iïom the duie thereof, all moneys collected or veceived by each collector upon or by v ir tus of' sueh roll, after deductiug the Colleetor's fecs upon the amounte collected, and to deliver sueh ruil aud warrant ta tlie Recorder ; and sueh warrant shall authorije the Collec-i tor, iu case a-ny pergon uamed in sa:d roli shall neglecl or reïuse to pay bis tax, to levy the same by distross and sale of thu goods and chattcls of sutli person, and it (ihall be the duly of sucli Collector to col Iccfsucli taxes within the time speciiie in sueh warrant, er within such further time as the Common Council may by resolutiou direct, and to account for and pay over to the City Treasurer all uioneys collected, or received by hini, upon or by virtue of suc!i roll, after duducting sueu colleetiou fucs upou tlio colieeted hv bita, dclirer such roll and warrant to tlic Recordar, and in case any persou hall neglect or rufuse to pay th tax iraposed 011 hun, the Collector may levy the same bv distress and sale of the goods and chattels of such person in tho same manner as towiisliip Treasureif, and if any of the taxes meutioned in said roll shall rcmain unpaid, and the collector shall bc unable to eoilect the same froui the person taxcd, he shall make out and deliver to the City Trcasurer a full and perfect deseription of tho premisea, aud ü, copy i'roiu sáid roll of the taxcs so unpaid, and shall add thereto an affidavit, svvoiu to before an officcr authorized to udmiuistcr oaths for general purj.oses, that tho snms mentioned in such -itaVj-ment reinaiu unpaid, and that he has not, '■ upon diliorunt sear.;h aud emjuiry boei, able to discover any goods and chattela belongiug to the perron taxed wüernapoü he cuuld Ievy she samo. Scction 0. Soction forty-three of s;tid act altall be ameiïdcd so as tu read aa fülloffs : Seetwn '13. The towoship of AnU A?' b jv hall rotain its present orgauiaation, subject to the altcratiou of boundaries hiTeiii uiadé and providud, una the uext animal township ineoting for aid tn'wnihip Bhall bo held at the Washtenaw tlouse, in that part of sid township above sit ofi' and aunexed to the Uity of Anu Arbor, at hich elecñon thore inay bu uhoseu in addition to the usual towuskip officors, sa niatiy Justices oi' ktio Poace aa niay be necessary to ñll auy vacaueies in the offioe of Justice of the Peace iu said township oocasioned by the alteration qf its boundaries ; and future towship meetings, or cluctioiis for said township, or meetings of the Township Hoard may be huid within said City of Ann Arbor, wiih the like effect iu evei'}' respect aa if held in said towuship, and the townaliip Libary a:id the township Clerk's ofliou may be kejtt in said City. ijectiou 7. The iollovving seetiocs shal bc added to baid act, to wit : Saetion 48. The ordinauces now iu foreu in tho village of A nn Arbor gha.H reuiuin in force in that part of said village ftbovo annexec} to t!iu City of Anu Ai-Lar uutil ropealed, alterad, or aiuendod by the GounnuD Couneil; and uil suins or ! mouey herutoforo raisj.i for local provemeuts, ou eithor sid of theriver, ahall be expended ou oither side of the rivor, on which the same was rúsod . ; and ;iil the propertv, riglU, credit. and, utuuta. u,f every kmd belonging t said villaga are hercby abaolutelv eted ia the (Jity of Aun Árbor, and shall be dliod vo the Common Oouncil of raid City. Séetiou'ii). In ïtuiking assossinont in said City, aud in ipportiouing tko tam city purposes, thrf ísupcrvisors shail M discruniiKitvï aa nut to imposa upon ïliu rural portioua tbose expenses wliich lelo'ig extlusivt'ly to the built par'.iun uf the City, tbr which purpose they m:iy, in tiiüir dis..:retii)H, diti-Jguib iu tlioir :u sos.ii)ieuts, what propertue aro wit kin tiu agricultura] or rural eeotkmi, not Uaring the benefit of lightin, watering, watching, or other cxpendituros for puxpo$e4 exukisivL'ly far the baueüt of the built and denssly i ipuiatjd parts of iha ('Uy, and all lnuds withia sueli agrieulturalor rural dIStrictS, exoluaivoly used fjr wojdlind, pjisturo, mcailow, or faruiiug purposes, may and !uill be asseásed to tiie owner.( or occupant at their oash value, and by su.tublo general doscription, and bo irata City LoU, and for suela purpose the Comuiou Council in preparing thecertiüid statement to the Supervisor of the amnunt of laxes to bo raised for general purposa, or purpases other than school, public building or streei, or hikwaj purpo-ea, sliall distinguid tenv.eer, the expenses which a-re properly ohargeable apon the whule City, including (for ojllectiug ha.') one pur cent. of the amouni of all taxe to bo r.usad in tl City, and thosJ whieh aro eiuluaifely for the boneiit of the moro donsjly popuUted parts of the City. a'id s'inll appirtion t oach assesaiuwit district iis e.[iiitab!o proportio of the taxa for eich purposj, and shall in uoli itatament distinguiali the unouiit of eaeh class of such oxpunses, and the Saporvbtra in apporlicyiing gaoll local expons.'S shall uharc. upón eho; prop?rty withii the d'tnct tobe bonfitted by saoli iooál expeutliture tlio aui.iuut of the taxes tharöfor. SeiHion 50 Ect ?,apervisr shall, oa (ir bi'luro tlie fifteouth day of November, (Uiliver to tho XJöllootor of his district, the tax roll or tax libt of such disir ot, witb thfl taies fjr the anu.'xolto eaob valuatioD and oarried out in t!i eolumu thereuf, the School Liibrary añd School House taxes in oii colum i, the Uighway of Street taea in another, tl;e C(ty taxos in nuothoV, tlio Ooiinty tnxes} ;her, and the State taxes in another 'column, and f otlier taxes are at a ly ! tiaio roquired by law Üiej shall b? plaod eaoh in another colum o, and the warran( 1 for their oollection shall specify partion. : larlv the süvenl amoauts and purpoaea for wliich saïd to bc y-rij ato ' thö City ft d Ca.rty T.-iMareri rcspcctively. S(-ct:on 51. Tii sneli tax rol! or faxlisi l'io 3np&vistf s'i.ili aiimNi a warrant u:ir!er m liand, directod t- thc Oolloctor. of his di.s.riet, coaiUMiidiug hi;n to colkc: trom lic si'vetul pejus named ui Raid roll, the suiuj meutioned in the lnt column of sueh roll oppigito their r .t.;vctive namcs, and lo paj over tu t lio CouiWjf TreoBurer tho nmouuts thoroin specitiVd for State mil County purpose, ü'.i 1 t-9'tyay over (he ccinainder uf said taxes (atter doducting ouo per cent, of tli.; amount colloctod by him as bis lees Ít oiJleeting). to tlie Treasurer of said City, on or befoie tho fxrat djy ot' Fsbrunfy, then uoxt. a;u s:c!i warrant aliall authorize the Collector, in case ;my porson named ín sueh roll símil negleet or efusj to pay las tax. witlt the Icl'.s tor ■olUütiug, to b addv-d, to levy the same hy distress and Bale of the guods and ehutitíl ct' fuch person Sertíon 52. Eacb Collector sh.-l!, immediatetV nfter tlio rérteipt of the tax jil ai.d beforo thc firat áay of December, pojl up in the Post Office in said City, Htid in as uiii'-v as ten of tho uiost publio places in liis collection district, CODBpicunns LandbUlx giviiig notice where the tax roil can bceten, aad taxes paid aud a re eipt obtáined therefur, without expenso, nt any timo bctwcen i.ine o'clook, A. Al. and fóur o'clock, P. M.,duríng thc month ofDécpiiber,(Sandays and Cbristmasdny mly txceptccJ), and the tax roll sha!! be keptat the placo cr fia es mentioned in fiích liandbill?, from nii'.e o'clock, A. M oniil four o'clook, P M., eaeh day du rinc tho month of Deccniber. (Sundi.ya and Chrwtraas day exeepted), so that aiiy peron or persons can pay the tas assrssed ftga'ióst him or thtm, and obtain the Collector' receipt therefor, and on all taxes 60 paid prior to thc iirst d;iy of January, uó [éfl or per centage, bcsides the ainmnit of lasca qpoified in eucli ro!l, sball be cbargcd or payable. Seetionöli. The Conimon Council may by ordinanco prescribo what araount ooi ixcccding threo per cent. nor loss than oue per cent , the Collector or Collectors uiay add for his ices to eaeh tax reuiaining unpaid, on the first day of Juninry, on his tax roll ; and it shall bo lawful for ach Collector to add to eacb tax reraaini;ig unpaid on bis rol], on the fifst day of January. such percentage ns-tbc Common (Jouncil may have presuibod for tho Collector's fees, aud to collect such percentrc with sueh tax, in tbc sniiie manbor as hu is authorizcd to coüect the tax, and for the purposes of collncting sueh taxes, by tbc Collector, such pdditional percerjtgo. shall be doeujed and takea to be a part of thc tax. Scction Eacli Collector in 8a id City s'iall and uiay prococd to eoilöct the tuxes in his collection district, and to pav over tuoncy to tho Oounty Treasurer, and to return to tho County Treagurer a stateniant of the tases rcmaining unpnid and tiuc, in the manner providcd by law for Townehip Trcasurerf, and all provisious of thc Uvsof this State reluting to the colleotiqu of taxea by Township Trcapurer., or to tbe paying over uioney by Township Trcasurers to theCouniy Treasnrcr. or to tbe return ing by the Townehip Treasurer to tho Uounty Treasnror, of a statement of tbe taxes rcmaining unpaid and duc, are hcreby made applicable to tho Collector or Collectors of said City. Section 55. Eaou Collector shall, on or befará the iirst day of February, account tor and pay over to the City Treasurer the full amouüt of all thc taxes contained in his tax roll, deducting tbc amount to be paid to tho County Treasurer, aud deducting tbe amount of ote per cent. upon all taxes collected by eut-h Collector for the Collectors lees for colleeting or receiving the samo. Section 56. The Common Council sliall have power to make, enact, iuodify, araend a lid repeal such ordinances, by-laws, and rogulations as they may deein necessary, or expedient within said City, for prohibiting, restrainiüg, or regulating sports, thoatres, para?au of animáis, and other performances, or exhibitious, except exnibitiona of Agricultura! or Educational SDoieties, for uioney or pay, bathing, or ewimming in aoy public Yater or place, indeoent exposure of the person, horssracing, ringing bells, crying goods, or commodities tor salo or at auction, any disordcrly noise, or disturbaneo, and for probibiting, rcbtraining, or regulating, within such parts of thu City as they may deern expedient. and prescribe the building, robuilding, enlardng, repairing, or placing any wooden buildings, the buyïng, selling, carrying, keeping, storing, us ing, or firing gunpowder, tire-crackcrs, or iireworks, makmg bonüres, butcher's shops or stalls, candle, soap gluo, or ttarc! manufaotoriea establishiuo-uts for renderiiïg tallow, lard, or oil, aud all establiéhmöuts wbeieany nauseous, offeusivo, or uiiwholesomo business may be cirriod on ; blackímiiths, coopers, cabinet makers, carpenters and joiners1 shops, and all buildings, business, aud citablishments of any kind usually elassud as rdous in respect tu fire ; and tor prevonting, supprcssiug and punishing street bog giug, soliciting a luis, inook auetions, and e'vcry kind ot' frauduloat game, device, or practico ; tho salo of OBWholesome meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, or other anieles ot tbod or provieions ; impure, Bpuriou?, or adultcratcd wiuc, gpirituous liquorn or beer, or knowingly keeping or oöoring tho saine for salo ; fur presenting auctious. peddling. pawn broksrage, or usina for hire carta, cabs, drays, liacks, or ' any kind of carriage or vehielo; or opening or keaping any tav'eni, hotel, victualing houso, saloon, or other houss or pl;ieo for furnishiiig meals, food, or drink, or billiard tables or ball alley.s, without örst obtaining from the Coininon Oouuoil license therefor ; for liceusiug tnd regula ting caits, drays, cabs, hacks, and all carriages or vehiclea kept or used tbr hire ; auotioneers, pciddlers, pawiibi"okers, ! tione, peddling, pawnbrokerage, taverns, ' hotels, victu:ilmg houses, saloons, and otlier Inuses or plucos for foruishing mea!?, food, or drink, and keepers of billiard tables and ball alleys, but nok for gaming ; for establishing and regulating markets, mürket-plaeeè, bootiis, or stands, public reservoir-, wclls and pumps, and prevent the waste of water, and may próvido for obtaining, holding, regulating and managing burial grouuds, witbin or without the City; for keeping sidewalks daar from boxes, dirt, anow, wood, or other obgtructions, appointing watchmen and their duties atid eompensation ; the purity of the waters in ths Btreams or p'jnds in the City; and for taking a cenu of the inhabitants of the City, when deemed cxpjdie:it, aai regulating the ■ame. Hection 57. Whencver ia any Ward or MTards in said City thore s!ia!l ut bc two Aldermen to constitntc the Board of Keistration of such Ward previous to any lectioti, the Common Council shall, ia time, appoiut suitabh freeholders, resident in such Wardi, to:r.porary Aldcr men of f-uch Wardu, who shall take the oajth of oflk-o üud have all the power of Aldermen of Buch Ward, aud shall hold tl;r;v ofliocfi until the close of the election, n,d ot i':ie caiivass of tlie votes in uch Ward At the next oïeotion after suoh appointmen, and sliall, during their eoutin- uancé in office, aet ih and be inembers of the Board of Bgibtratiou ofwcbWard, niid have all tho powera nnd perform all thedutios of memben of the Board of Regiitrntion in sucli Ward. Soctiod 5?. Tlils act slmll takc effect immeiT.utcly JAMES BIRNE.Y, PesiJ.nt of the S nnte. DrCXTEii MUSSEY, penker of the H bp of Krpri'senlalivcs. Approvcd - Fobnurv 26, lciil,


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