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The strcots are imothered in the sr.ow '1 lie chili eyed si ars are oleaving keen The frezen air, and saïling slovr, 'i he white woon si area acraaa the scène. She WttitS besidethe faáing fire, The gus,.ing taper fliekera low, Aiul drooping down, and rasinghigher, Her sliaJuw warers tpo and iro No foot diBturbs tlie Blèepii'g floor, Ko rootit biivs the winti-v b eatb Tha1 . steiling thriiugh tha oraoaied .loor, Creepa ooídij :is iv tbuught of dcath. It ehills her vith it 3 nirv stream L. col . O, oarelels midnight blast! It wakes h.r ns hei fevertd dnann Hatli skiramed the swectness of ilie past. Í he etirs r.A yet . The night has drawn Itssih'Hi ■treiuiis o 8trs away, Ai;il ïiuw he infant gtreaka of d-.wn Begin to prophecy the day. She stiri not vet. Wilhin her eye hult -crr.slii-d tear drop lingera still; Slustirs not. ml the amoibereilglgh Bieaks wnw-üke on the rook of will O, heart tliat will ffiuheeding prove, O heart that musí Dnhded ureakl How etronifthe bope, hoviNr thal love, That Liurns tor faithlB8 folly's sakel


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