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Hot Water Upon Trees

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At a Farmers' Meeting, Solón Robineon read i letter frora the Rev. J. S. VYoisbumpel, een., Baltirnore, Md., upon the nsu of hot water to kili ioaects upon trees. Ile ajiudes to a letter read Botijo wtíek.siiice, about scaldiag wheut, uncí tnen eays : " 'J'his soaldrog procesa destroys the i'gg oi the fly, and Ihe sume preeess bas been known to destroy the eggn of, and the grubs tbemselves, tbat rnjurea tho peacfa plum and other trees so greatly. Soald the .stem of the tree well, letting the hot water g,.,t well ioto tfaegrouftd arouod the tree, where the grubs do most harm, and i deatrootion ol boih eggs and grub tollows ; and in addttion to this, the soalding appeara to add to the vigor of the trees. V ■ An old lady in Berks Qomty, Pa., rad n plum tree that fot many reara bloomed and brouglu [Ort i cropa of fruit til] hnlf ripe, and tben shed Ihem bhe often besought her husband remove the tree, but be stiH pleaded "let it stand a iother year. At leogtb one SpriDg alter .she bad bfliled her soap, me heatod tho ketllu-full of tho refuse lyétoaooilingdegroe, and ponred"it all down the stern of tho tree, intending to " Boald it to deatb," as she said. It soon blossomed more abundantly, and boroa profese erop of plutns whioh it brought to tho greatest perfeetioD, wliich greatly pleased tfio old lady.- Tlns sume pjïuciple conld be applfed to the destruction oi every kind of destructive insect upon thé varióos choice fruit trees, sither by pouring boiling water upon the limbs and sterns, or by pondueting a atream of tteam fiom i "Ofeorpipe from a movable boiler, lo liill botn eggs and iosects. Prof. Mapes- I have ueed ho water on peaoh trees, and I am ratiafied mystlf íhat a peacfa tree cannot be injured by hot water. Mr. Carpentcrsaid that limo was the best thing he ever tried round peacl trees. Mr. Wheoler said that Jime will not kill tho gruba in tho wood. Mr. Binith of Conneuticut - I havo found no remody except manual labor thougli wood a8he3 are valunble.


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