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The Destruction At Norfolk

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If there is truth in tho familiar sayitrg that " a blunder is worso than a cv'une," thon the somebody who is respousibie for the destruction of property at the Norfolk and Guspoi't Navy Yards has a grcat crime to answer for. Without any dispositiou to find fault or bestow censure, wc must bo pernsitted to say that wo do uot beiievC a ir.orc cgregious blunder was ever perpetrstcd. It was ? ncedloss doStfttötion of buildings, stores, and vesscls, auu unless the ofiieers in charge aoted uiidt-r positivo instructions t!iey scem to us inexcusable. They must iu any event have been i'rightened by a shadovv, for with the force and ineans of at thcir conimand there was no immediate dangcr of an attuck thoy could not re pel. With I'ort MoDtoe commanding tho Bay and cutting off aid to t!ie rebels frora the I'otomac or tho const, with tb 6 batteries of tho Penr..}v.iii:i;i heavy cnough to lay Norfolk and Portsinouth in ruius, with troops enougli in New York and Pbiladelphia wbich could be lauded at the Navy Yard iu a few hours. there was no cali for the destruetion, and of the very property the Government now stands in nead, iiuludiug thrca of t'io finest ships in the Navy. The Yard eould have boon held, at least until the channcl could have been freed f rom obstruetion?, every vessel towed out, and all the cannon, arins, &o. removed, and if held until that luid been done we shoukl not now hcar of an expedition to retake it. We hope to liear of no more such " protection of the property of the United States" during thifl campaign. t@F We aro glad to learn tbat IInn. PhORNTON F. BnODHEAD, OÍ WayiK', has tendered bis services to Gov. Blaik. Ttiis will gtvo to tbe service tbe aid l an able and distinguiahed officor, ono wlio won for himself and the Stato ho nobly representad on tho iïulds oí' Mexico, a distioction to wliioh oew and untried men rarcly attain. Let tbe gallnnt men of Michigan go to battle with stich offioers is Col. Bkodhead to point tlio way to victory. and tbey will surely aid in teaching rebellion a lesson whicb il will Dptsooö forget. ' Distingaished ilike in tbe field and in our Legislativo halls, Col. B. commands tho respect and confidence of soldiery and cilizens, and bis name will give confidence tojtroops Dow mustering who dread notliing hut baing led by inexperienced and inefficiënt officers. We hope that hewill bc givcn such a position as bis rnerits deservc. - U3 A destructivo fire occurcd at East Sagiuaw on tlio night of the 6tli Eig'atecu buildings wero burnod, and a large quantity of lumber and staves. Total loss cstimated at $40,000 ; insurance $24.000.


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