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Montrenl, May 8. There 8 nothing further coneerning the wreek of the stenmship United States. Two steamers havo left to render assiïtance. Th last accounts state that 8he was on BircPs Rocks, surging over, lior flag of distresa at half mast, her high saile loóse, no pereon to be scen on board, and the ship apparently going to piaoes. The bi'ig Minnie Dawson is a total wreek, and onc man was lost. Tho ship Spurtan ib nshoro on a sandy beach. Crew savod, The ship Marión ia aahofe, ia hogged and thumping budly on the rocks. lier crew have left her. The ship Poweriul is among tho rocks at Cook Point. She i?. at anchor and her pumps have t.o be kept agoiog, The ship Salacia is hard on thö rocks 12 milos bolow Farthor Point, and thumping badly. The roads in all diroctions areblocked up wilh snow vvhioh has drifted deeply. Tho bod es of three mon havo been recovered. Tho pafsengers by the steamsbip United Suites havo arrived at Qnebee. Only one Bteernge passenger is missing. Ano'.her ship is ashore at Sandy Bay, thirty six miles below Farther Point.


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