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The Michigan Argus

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piin , FRinAYMoBxisa,iiHheThirdStOY corner oí Mata umi llorón Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., Michigan, EnWance on Hurou Street, oppoaite tjie I'ranklin. ELIÜXT IB „ PO KTX) Editor and IPublisiier. TEBMS, S1,5O A YEAR IX ABVAJÍCE. ADVERT1SING. One square (V2 line ör loss) One wei];, f0 reñís; nnd 25 oenfs Cur every insertion tliereafter, Icsb than three molfaa. mL0ntUs..,.S3 Quarter col. 1 year fc-0 li do 8 Half col'nifl 6 mos IS l'jt 8 Half do ly.-.-ir i-5 Ksq're6mos 8 I lne .1 fmos S6 IVo dn 1 yoar 12 (!.".■ o 1 y,,,r CO .lin,,ro.,nr.,m;ai.y writton orvor; i),ii uniil ordeicd out, and üharecd cconlin Ij I,viil aihTvlisómciits, flrst hiwrtlon, 50 cents jier per folio for each subst-quent insertion. tTlieii a postiioncmi n1 is addeá toan advertisement the n-hdlï wil'l bechared the Kttae as ftr flrst insorliim. job FniisrTiisrca-. Pamnhlets.Hana-bin. :rculars, Cards, Buil Tickets, ind tluT rarietied of 1 ■ ra and l.nvy Joh Print IxcottteO tvitli iruvipmess , nd in tliu uest stlk. BOOK BINXVTNGK Cónncotcd-n-itl ■ '!""1 Hiiidery ui 9f a tompi-t.'iit woi-kman. County Records, Ledgers, Jontnals, nd all kinds of HlnnU Book ma ' ml ofthe'beet :iock. Pamphleta and Feriodiaals bi m aneal and dn tle. maoner, at Detroit prioes Enranee ti, üinder.v througl) LRGta Office. _____


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