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The Object Of The War

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Amidst tlio gencrally correct notions wliich prcvail conoerning thenaeoesity amí purposes of the existing war, it cannot be douiud that somo very erroneous views as to its object are entcrtained, and in some quartera, rather covcrtly than openly auvocutod. There are thosc whoso sympathiea are with the present military movement, because tlioy hope it is to be couvertod iato a crusade against Ai'rieau slavery - that our troops are to become a liberating army, to set all the negroos freo, and, indeed, to mark ita tnarch southward, by promoting and sustaiuing servilo insurrcctions. Those who seek 'to givo tlie present movement such a directiou, at least give color and plausibility to the charges heretofore made agaiust thcm - of purposes aud acts hostile to the Constitutional rights of the slave Statea. The orily lawful design of the present war is to sustain the Constitutional authority of the Federal governmout - -and that certainly j doos not comprehend the power to ir.terfare with the relation of master and slave. Thoso who seek to appropnate the pres ent feeling of loyalty to the government, to a negro crusade, do not less ruistake the popular impulse than thcir own duties as good citizens. We are not to be betrayed, under the patriotie excitcmcnt ot' the presüiit time, into propogandists, seeking by firo and sword, insurrection niurder, to impcse unacceptable stitutions upon independent States It tho slave States continue tliis robellíon agaiust the Union and Constitution, and tiio result of a legitímate exerciso oí' Federal power sliull be to break tho back of slavery, we shall not regret it, and -tWj will only have occasion to complaiu of themseives. But, while preparing military armaments to sustahi t!ie Constitutioú, it is hypooritical and treasonable to avow tha design of usiug them, fora purpose entirely iu defiaucj of tliat instrument. Ve trust that the unity and enthusiasm of our people in upholding the legitímate power of the Federal government aro not to be inarred by the


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