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Secession In Virginia

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A conventiOD is Dow in sessioo at Wheenng, Virginia, whioh, taking the seeession bull by tbo horns, looks to a secession from the '' Oíd Dominion.1' Tweníy six countics aro represented,al] but lwo of them boing located west of the Alleghanies and north of the Kanawha Rivor; and these two, Hampshire and Bevkley, are between the Alleghanies and Blue Bidgc, on the northern border of the State, Somo of the ablest men of AVestern Virginia are delegates to tho convention, and its proceedings are watched with much interest. Two sets of resolutions have been presented and are 'pending ; one set condemning secession, the secession ordinance, and thö ordinanoe of trans fer lo tho Southern Gonfuderacv, but proposing no imrnediate action ; the other 6et providing for the immediute seeession f.iom the State of tho Counties comprising the lOth and llth Congressional dielricts and the Countv, of Wayne, in all twenty-eight Counties, and the formation oí a new State to be called the Si ate of New Virginia. Whatever the eonvention may do, it is certain that in these Counties the Union feeling is ovorwhelming, and that tho poople will never consnnt to be translerred to the Southern Gonfederacy, and in carrying out this dulermiuation thoy are guaranteed the full protection oí Pennsylvana and Ohio against the fosv bome secessionists or any iuvading borde from Eastern Virginia.


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