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Military Departments Of The United States

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As íi matter oí considerable importanco. to military men and the public generally, wc append a statement of the geographietl arrangement of the Anny l)epartinents of the United States, corrected up, tothisdate. Tliey are as follows : Department 'of the Kant. - Tliis Departlias been subdivided iuto three otliers, hh follows: Department of Washington. - The District of Columbia, according to its origin nal boundary, Fort Wasliingio'n rffrf í countrj ndjacent, and the State of Marylund, mcluding ]5!adensburg and Raltiinore. Headquarters at the natioual capital. Department of the Souh. - East Vir-. ginia, Xorth Carolina, and Tcnnesscc. - lleadquarters, Fort Monroe, Va. Department of Annapoli. - The country fortwenty u ilcs on cach side of thu railroad from Annapolis to the city of ifráslífrigíó'n; Ssf fa'í At Bladensburg, .Mdr lleadquarters at Annapolis. Department of Penntl'iiHUi.- i'h Stnte of Pennsylvania, the State of Deaware. all of Maryland not embraced ut forogoing Departmeuts llead.juartcru at Pliilndelphia. Department of the West. - The country west of the Mississippi lliver and East of the Rocky Mountains, extept thoio pOTtipng of it inchuled witliin tliü liinit of New Mexico. Ileádiju'árícfs at St. Louis, Mo. Department of Terat. - The government not having issued any uew orders relativo to this Departmunt, and the posts having been evaeuated,' it rnay be eaitl tC tmm ?fl Httt't W :. ' .' "- Deparimei'd tif Httö Mexico.- -Jht-tet. ritory of New Mxico. lieadquartersat Santa Fe. Department of the Paeific - The eoun trv west of the Rocky Mountains. Yloádquarters at San Francisco. Department of L Uih. -The Territory of Utah, except the portion of it lying west of tlie llTtli dogree of wet longitude. Hoadquarters at Camp Floyd. There will probably be throe or four more sub-divisions of the late Department of the Kast, to meet the requiretnents of the service 'J'ho hesdqunr'ers of the anny is 'm the city of New York, aud offix-ers wiü report accordingly.


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