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The Kentucky Convention

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Frankfort, Ky., Muy 27. Tho border Si.-iio eonventiou met today. John J. Gritteuden wua pppoin.ted chacinan, aud Orlando BrOVn, secDu 'i'{T;!es wort: present IYoti Missouri and KoiHuoky ïho convoution adjourned till tomorrow t iivvnit he arrival of delégales du their w:.y húhsr. Frankfort, Ky., May 23. In the Border Stilte Convention, Mr. ilifte'fl rosóliïtioH was adopWcl, for the appoiiïtmeijt of a öómmiïteè to conëider tho subfjetó for which tho conventioo v;is Called, ;ind ateo Mr. Ciittenden's originul irnendment proponed in tho if tho United Statte, wit h Büfch afïiendwertts ds wijl seöüre to tho i-]:iv: Shites their just and oqiinl rights niider tho constitution. (tov. MsgrtfEn w:is preseirrt rrtid invited to t:i Ico :i sent in tho conversión (.'üiin; lts sessioÖS; FülldèiegHtiona aro necrodite] f rom Kefítúcky and MissoUrti bi% ffam no other Stal John Catdwell appftiïrod from Mo Minn and Sevier bööii fes; Tonn., and was received as an advi.-ing atid oonsult:ng iriiiad. Frar.lifort, BTïry 29. In Cp.pyeptjop ioiiuv, Messrs, G bh-, i[;.l, Giiihne. Vi Bell, Dixon und Dunlap vvero chpsen ;i committee to prepare i general addre.s. On resolution, tho mambers of thle convention wcro sworn to bo luithfid to the conslitutioj] oí tho "United States While t)pid,Dg llieillbolilip.


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