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The Battle At Acquia Creek

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Washington, June 2, lbOl. The official dispatches received today give details of a second engagement at Acquia Creek. During the previous night the nfled cannon which had been u.sed on Friday on the hill with effect, wore removed during that night to the previously silent batteries on tho shore, which were rebuilt, and then opened yesterday on the three gun-boats. The Jatter returned the tire vigoroiisly, burning the depot buildings, and making considerable huvoc in the batteries by shells. The dead and wounded could be seen carried off as the vessel was not more than half a-rnile from the shore. - The rifle battery was silenced except one gun. The gunboats wero splinterud badly. Beven! shots went clear through the An :costu, Freeborn and Pawnee. The former was split Dto kindling wood. Mone were hurt on the vessels worth mentioning. Lieut. Cast, of the Freeborn, was knocked into the river bv the wind caused by a swift bal] passing near. Additional vessels go down the river to-night, and in the morning the attack will be reuewed. The rebels, meanwhile, are rebuilding ' their batterios. The President visited the Navy Yard this afterndon, acd went on board tho boinbarded vessels and complimented the officers and men. He was received and took bis departure with salutes. John Sherman, aid to Gen. Patterson, left here this afternoon for Chambersburg. He carried a dispatch to Gen. Patterson. An advance upon Harper's Ferry from that direction is evident this week. Sherman will command it most probably.


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