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Proclamation Of Governor Letcher

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In a proc'üniauon aclurcsseu to ti. e pcople oí Kortli-western Virginia, tl. Governor claims thüt the State has by its own freo choiee, and by a m.jorhy of nearfy 100,000, ratified the ordnancö of secossio:), and Union with the Confedérate Sintes. Having thus yoted, hu claims that it is the diity "f all to give thair wUljng co-operation to niako good the declararon of the majority. - Virginia, he sayn, has assei ted her iildependeiice, and will rnaintain it nt every hazard, lio thrn conjures the people í'roin evei'y quarter to rally to thu standard of ihe oíd Dominion añil aid iri driviliK the Federa! army from her soik ITu tells tho peopTj of tho West that he has seut for tlieir protecl,jon siich troops aa the emergency placed them in charge of a competent comroander. Thepo tróopp, he sayn, are posted at Huttonvílla. ' Como with your own goo'd weíipona an i meet thein as brothers." Of thu unaqual taxation, lio says : "l'hora has been a complaint liinohg yon that the eastorn portion of the State has enioycd an exomption from taxation to your detriment. The State, by a rnajority of 50,000, hap pr.t .he tno s-ec'tions on anequalityin this respect. - By a display of inagnaniir.iiy in the vote just given, the east has, ln-í:i large majoritv, consented ti relmqnisti this esemption, and is ready to spare with you all the butdens of the governrnent," and to meet til) Virginia"é liabilities."


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