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Shad Caught In A Crinoline Trap

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_ On last Friday, a lady ofKocky HU , Connectiout while pasaing a brook which runs into the Connecticut, saw two fino shad aunnjng thoniseWes m f stream, Tho shad lookod tompting. tho lady coveted thom httd no fiehin tackle with her. She finally bs-.; thought of her hoops, took tliem oiT, and havinï tied tho upper end, set tho ctm'nvanoe in the brook, and drove the unauspecting sTad into the net when they vvere safelv drawn to land, tho tïio&t recent and nst cruelly deoeivud ; . t ims of crinoline. && lílessed ia he wbo dios in tUe ■ flower of -youth; it is as Ifbe lmd rtsm froja i'ie vaïdal oí a $twt bcrore lio w iatoxicatcd. TPH" Mpii look nt fue fault of othevsVíTh a telescopo-nt thoir own WÍth the sanie nstroineDt revcrscd or not ais all1.' rfrTheniOhtridic.üousof aniniak is aproud priest lie ca uso M owa tools , without cutting his firtgW - - -4


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