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Tlio report of tho President of the University of Michigan to the Board of Kegents, ut t'.ieir recent session, miikes the i'ollowing exhibit of attendauce o the several depart. menta ut the present time. nnd tlie number of gruduatea for the yeor just cloaed - ACALLMIO BTrOENTtU First yïnr 52 tM'COIld " 4!) Third " 51 Fourlh " 52 In seket tourseg 34 In chemWtry . 31 In engiiníiing 3 In courace for the second degreo 1 rn0FE9I0'AL STL'DENTS. In Medicine Sl,udentB 242 I Lana. Janiors 113 Senior 4u' C71 The nuraljcr of grnduatcs in the different departments is as follows : Doctor of Medicine 43 Bachelor of Law 43 Master of Aria 18 Haster of Scieneo' 3 Buclielor of Arts 37 Bachelor cf Scienoo lö Civil Ëngineer 4 1G4 3L5L" An unurinouDced Cornet has made il appearaoee in the northern heavens, and is giving a grand exhibition for the nmsuseinent of us terrestrials, It was discover 6d at tho Obscrvatory on Salurdny night, - with the ntiktsd eye, vo bolievc - and sir.ce that outsiders have all had i'reo tickets to the show. lts suddcn appearance is accounted for by tlio faet that it has been travelíag with the sun, and hag only just parted company svith that luminary. It has a largo and brilüant nucleua, and a tail exteuding through 100 degrees or more. It may bo seen nightly a little to tho West of North. It bas not yet been identified, but Astronotners will probably "spot" it soon. lts rival has not been seen for t-evoral hundred j'cars, ■ II I I dhi ■ I Mi , %tf Congrcss convencd yesterday, at nooii, and wc presume effectcd an immediate organization. It was thought the mossago would )ot be sent in until this raorning. It will bo telegraphed North and West as soon as delivered. #aT No important movement- as tbc uuthinking public cstimato importance - has taken placo since onr l=f io , Vi uuïït.-moni'-ers predicted one yesteraay, tbough without real cause wo thiak. We shall see.


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