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From Europe Per Steamer Etna

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Sandy líook, July 1. The Mtua. has arrived with $236,000 in specie. The French división under Admiral Reynaud, was about to sail. It would visit New York, Charleston, &c . Tho stcamer 'Golden Place, with troops fcr Qucbec, left Queenstown on the 7 tb. Tho Londou Times opposes the shipment of troop%to Canada, and says therc is no apparent renson for it, and America is more ükely to regard it as a challenge than a precaution. Troops are demanded by SirFenwick Williams. Tho special correspondent of the Times, writing from New Orleans, May '24th, says it is impossiblo to resist the conviction that the Southern Confederacy can only be conquerod by mean as irresistible as those vfhieh subjugated Poland. Tho South professes tbc determination to resist as long as it can command a man or a dollar. At an influential mooting at tho residenco oí Lord Brougham, relativo to the suppression of the Cuban slave trade, the conduct of Spain was denouneed, and tho Government was recommendcd to suspeod diplomatic intercourse while the trade continúes. It was also resolved that convenient opportunity be taken to obtaia the co-operation of the Government of the Unitod States to the terms of a treaty to remonstrato with Spain. In an article on Italian affairs published in the Patrie and copied in tho Moniteur, there is a pnragraph which insinuates the belief that the Southorn States of America will succeed iu establishing a separate republic. In the tight for the championship of England, Mace was doclared victor ; ght rounds were foucht. lasting fifty minutes. The towns of San Marco and Begriano,Naples, had revolted, and were takeu possession of by Italian troops. Twenty iuhabitants were killed, and both towns subsequently burned. Spain will preserve a strict neutrality in the Amerika war. Liverpool Breadüuffi Marht. - The weather is favorable. FJour rery dull and 6d lower, with sales at 28 s Wkeai dull and 2 a 3d lower, exeept for fine qualities. Corn dull and 6 a 9d lower. Provisions - Beef steady. Pork dull and easier, but prices unchanged. Bacon heavy and slightly lower. Lard dull and prices weak. Wheat has decliued 1 a 2s. Flour declined Is. Sugar steady. CoiFeo firru. Rice heavy. Tea quiet and steady.


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