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The Naval Force

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The Secretary of the Navy, in Lis reeont report, states the strengtK tsd dispos-ition of the naval force of tbc gixverument as foQoVK Of the 96 vcsscls, carrjing 1,346 gung, lierein before mentioned as arailsiblu fur service on the 4th of March, lait, ttö sloop Leyant has bcsii givcn up as lost ou the Pacitic; the stoaïner Fulton waa seizod at ensacóla; and one frigat two sioops and one brig were burned nt Norfolk. These vefscls carried 172 gun. The other vensels destroyed al Norfolk were considercd worthless, and aro iiot includcd in the list of available vessels. These losses left at the disposal ot th department 62 vessels, carrying 1,17 i guns. There havo been repently added to tha navy, by purchase, 12 stcamera, carf j.ipg from 2 to 9 gun each, and three saiüïig vessels. There have been ehartered 9 steamers, carrying from '2 to 9 guns eaeh." By these additions the naTal force in' coramission Las been increased to 82 vessels, carrying upwards of 1,100 guns,, and with a marine complement of about 13,000 men, exclusive of officers and nmriues. Thero are also .overal steamboaU,' and other small craft which are temporarily in the service of the department. Parchases of sailing ships have boert made for transporting conl to the steauicis that are perfonnitig duty as sentinela before the principal harbors. It would be iuexpedieut and attendant with much,' loss of time, as well as great additiocal. expense, to compel the steamers whei sliort of fuel to leave their stations and proeeed to the nearest depot, distant in most case?, several hundred miles, to obtain a supply. In tho absence of any proper or suitable stations or building for storing coals, hulks have been provided, to be anchortd at some convenieuï place fur tho use of the squadron. The squadron 'on the Atlantic coast,' uuder the eommand of Flag-officer S. II. Stringham, consists of 22 vessels, 29C guus, and 3,800 men. The squadron in the Gulf, under tho eommand of Flag-officer V illiam Mervine, consists of 21 vessels, 582 guns and; ■;V')00 wen. The steainers Pawnee and Pocahoutag, and the flotilla under ilie late Command-' ir Ward, with several stcamboats io he charge of Naval oflüc-crs, have been employcd on the Potomac rives, to prevent communic-ation with that p'cHi'ön of Virginia which is in insurrection. The squadron in the Pacific, under tho eomtnWl of flag officer John B. Jlontgonicry, consists of sis vessels', 82 gunsy and 1,000 men. Tha West India squadron, is undor the eommand of flag ofticer G. J. Pendcr.east, who has been temporarily on duty, wJ'Ji lus flag-ship, the CunVb'erland, j NorfUk and Hamptoo. Koads, sinc'e tho 23d of Aarch. Ile will, ai an early day, transfer hls fig to the stoam fïij-a'tu Roanoke, and nr,cccá soutliward, having in charge our intereai.; On the Jlexicauj and Central American Cústs, and in tiia West India Islands. The East India, Mediterranet-n, Braz:l and Afriean squadrons, excepting one vcssel of each of tho two latter. hai.. been recalled. The return of these vessels will add to the foree for service in the Gulf and oiy the Atlantic coast about 200 guus and 2,500 men.


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