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What Andrew Johnson Thinks

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Just now Andkew Johnson, the noble Senator from Tcnnossec, one of tha few men of tlic South who hasnot seemcd to go down beforc the wave of secession, is admired and culogizcd throughout the North. And it might be well forsorac of his admirers to know what are his views of the present and future, of the contest and its issue, - if it is conductod with the right end in view and not for partisan glorification. An intelligent correspondeut of the Detroit Fréé Press thus speaks of a recent interview with hini, and some of our readers would do well to ponder his words, to reflect that he is a representative of the true Union men and true Union sentiment of tho South, and that without holding up tho hands of such men, and building up a Southern Union party on such a basis of mutual amity no true Union can be niaiutained, even though the South be conpicred and subdued, The writer says : Iu an hour's interview which we had this morning witli him he said ïuany things that would interest your readers, some of whieh I have his permission to repeat. " I have no hope,' said ho, ' of a reconstruction of the governmeut except through the efforts ot the S3uthern people. The anny is most useful as it sliall dispcl tho reigD of terror that now prevails in the slavo Statos. Evou my own East Tennessce is not wholly free from it. Jiehind it (the army) tho old status of law will spring up, light will come iu, and the lies oí the traitors bc showu up. Why, liere is a handbill calliug for recruits, that I found in my cm vaas, and toro down ; read it aud see what they resort to to inflamo aud mad den the people." Wedid so aud found it a cali for oue huudred volunteers signcd by ouc of the proposed oüicers, telling the poople that tlie uortheru abolitionists were coming to libérate their slaves, to ravish their beautii'ui wotuen. to i-ob and plunder tüeir houses ;ud shops, nud give the country over to " üre, rape, aud robbery." " Uau you wonder," said the Senator, " that people who believe all these lies should take tho tield. Yes, aud you kuow the proverb : ' A lio will travel a league whüe the truth is putting on its boots.' Yet, wherever, in East. Tennessee, wc met and beardcd thetn - when we talked this thing over with the people, they were with us, and to-day let in the truth and Tennessee is for the Union by a majority of tweuty five thousand." In rcp!y to aquestion as to whut was the greatest difficulty he had to overeóme in the canvass, he said : " The quotations frora Northern abolition speakers aud papers. They did us much iujury. It is hard to oonvince an uneducated peoplo that these extracta do not represent th main sentiment of tho North, aud you of! the North should sce to it that, that element hostile to African slavery should not so govern and control this war movement as to cast its whole weight, rather for the destructiou of that domestio institution, than for the establishment and, perpetuation of tho government as it ia as our fathers made it. with all its conipromises and guáranteos. Tho Union men of the South do not soek to extend it. It must be governed wholly by natural causes, and must flourish or die out, not because o? (Jongressioual or State legislation, but in accordanco with the laws of emigration, climate, neighborhood and trade."


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