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How To Make Beer

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White Spruce Beer. - Three pounds of loaf sugar ; with enough of essonoa of spruce to give it a littlo flavor ; a cup of good yeast; a little lemon poal if you have it ; aud when fermonted, bottlo it up closo. It is a deliglitful bevorage in warm weathor. Ginger Beer. - One cup of ginger; one cup of molasscs ; ono pail and a half of water, aud a cup of lively yeast. In warm weather it tnay bc mado cold, but in cold weather 8cald the ginger with two quarts of hot water, the rest cold. - The yeast put in wbeu slightly warm. - It should bc put in jara or bottles, and Boeurely corked. It is pleasant aud lively, and will keep Efeveral weeks. Common Sma├╝ Beer. - A handful of hops to a pailful of water; a piut of bran. and a half a pint of molasscs, a eup of yeast and a spoonful of ginger. Moot Beer.-- Take a puit of bran; a handful of hops; soine twigs of spruce, hemlock or oedar ; a little sassafras, or not, as you have it; roots of various kinds, plantains, burdocks, doek, dandelions, &c, boil and strain, add a spoonful of ginger, molasses to mako it pleasant, and a cup of yeast, when you waut it bood, let ono bottl├╝ stand where it is warm, and the rest will work cold. This for a gallon. Molasses Be-er. - Six quarts of water; two quarts of molasses ; half a pint of jeast ; two spoonful Is of cream tartar.- Stir all togetber. Add the grated peel of a lemon ; and the juice may be substituted for the cream tartar. Bottle alter standing ten or twelve hours, with a raisin in cach. Harvest Brink. - Mix with five gallons of good water, half a gallon of molasses, one quart of vinegar, and two ouuces of powdered ging3r. This will mako not only a very pleasant beverage, but ono bigbij invigorating and healthful.


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