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fittliatíl íMmtnru. W. ïï. 6TRONO KAT.L, DTOCKLEE & Co., tTTHOLSALE an RETAU. dealers i Pry (;■ -1 '.,.,. , FÍoorO : : Ibera, Paper Hanging, MdagenSÖMSortnient ofFuruIshing Coods, No 74 Woodward -1 1 Comer of LamrJ st., - I FTPOTT, Miel, . a.Ordcrs Bolicitrf ana pn mptly atteofled to- W' RAYMOND'S Photograpliic and Fine Art GALLERY Nos. 26S an.l M7 JcffisraoB Avenue, DETEOIT. Photnps, JUte Size. colortd or ptotn, cabiuot toIal7 Melainotjpes, B.guerreoty)8, Ambrotype, te. JB-CABD MCTDSES bj the Deren iou-anti- ' I. O. O. F. WS.9HTEMAW VODOM !to. 9. "f the In.lepc.i.iw.t ór'leroí iddFello r Lodg Room, sT G SUTRË KL A ÑD & SON. IT7H0LESALE N"! RPTAIL Groeers and Commiaaion VV Merchaots, Eas( si l Main Street Ann Arbor B. HESSEN Physician & Respectifally tender hia professional .errices to the eltimu of n-frboi ■■' d ricinity. Offica n Mck'í New BmUiug, Mam Street, Aun Arbor Micli. N. lí. SightcalU proMjIy attendeo to. TWITCHELL & CLARK. A ttobxeys and CouumUom at Law, General Life and [.-re Insurance agente. Office in CHy Hall Block, on HuronSt., Aun Arbor. CollecUons promptly madi ■ndremittéd, and special attention raid to oonveyanevng. D.S.ÏWITC'HEI.L, PMtf E. F. CLARK. J. M. SCOTT. mbrotyfk & PHOHXWÏ AkiMW, la tho rooms VfermerlToceu Iby Cordley.otrertlie toreo Bperrv tMoore FcVfect satisfaction guaranteed. ' WINES & ÑIGHTÍ DUIXWtaStupIe. KancyDry Goods, Boots and Shoes, So. ke., MtaStreet Ano Arbor. MAETIN & THOMPSON. FDWfn, ra v. i Ier in au kra&oi Turniture. ,:c. Ne Bkwk, Main ftreet. EISDQH &HENDEESON, DEALESSin Hardware.Sti n,houM.furnihinggoo4, Tin Ware fee. &c. . Xew Block, Main Street. Tp. míllsT" Dealer in SUple Dry Goods, Grocerics, Boots and m aud Ktady Made Clothing, llurontrcet Ann &rbi.r. BEAKEi fe ABEL, TTORNEYSfc CtH' .VSELI.ORS AT I.W, and BdUtOM il f Chnery. i I HaU Block, over Webster 5; Co'a Boo Store, Ann Vrbor _____„__- ' KÍÑGSLEY & 40RGAN, ttor.veys, Cou_ellora, Solicitore, and Notarle PubtX lic, have Booki and Plats slmwing titles of all lands n the ounty.andatien.i teconyeyanotogandcolleeting man Is, ud to pafing taxea and chi ■ : interest in ai.y jart of tUe State. Office sast si-.e of the Square, Ann Aroor. JAMES E. COOK, JcsncE o? tue 1'eace. Office near the DeDot , Ypsilanti , Michipan. __, WmTLEWITT, M. D., Phtsicia.v k Suw.eo.v. at hia reeHenoe, North side of Huron street, and 2d house West of División itreet, Ami Arbor. O. COLLIER, MAXUFACTfRER and dea'.er in Boots and Shoes. Exeliange Bluck, '2 doon South of Maynard, tebbins fcWilson's atore, Ann Arbor, Miuh. MCOKE & LOOMIfï. Tanl'kactcreus arvl dealer in Boots and SEhoes, VI PbomfX Block, Main Street, one door Nortb of Vaehington. M. GUITERMAN & CO, Wholesale and Ketail dealen and manufacturera of Ready MadeCluthing, Importers of Cloths, Caasineres. Dueskins, &c. Sfo. 5, New Block, Ann Arbor. C. B. POItTER, -BTT?'Tbká Scrgkon Dentist. Office corner of Main ■B ■! am Himm streetfl, over P. Bach'a store, TpWcM Ann Arbor, Michigan. T "'- -' T T April, 1859, ' Wm. WAGNER, Dealer n Beady Made dothing Cloths, CaKsimeres and Vesting Iliits, Cap-s, Trunks, CarpetBtgt, Uhia it., Ann Arbor, BACH Sr PIEKSON." DEALERB in Dry Gouds, Groceries, Hnidware, Eoot3 k Shoes, &c-, Main street, Arm Arbor. MAYNARD, 81EBBINS & CO., fEALER8 in Dry Good, Grooeriee, Drugs St Medicines. lootsfrShofl . Vc, cuibw of M;ün nul Aun streets' Qst oei w tlit Lxoh&age, .um Arbor. SLAWSOÑ& GEEK, 1rockrs, Provisión i!v Oommisflon M erebanis, and dea.T ler=in Waii-i; l.niK. LaMi PUSXSBj auJ PLABTEB OF Parir, ono door ËastoJ Cook'e Hotel. O BLISS,, Watchei, Jewelry. anl Fancy Goods, at the sign of the Big Watch, No. 27, 1".:oeiiix Block T"CTlYATT8. DSAi.Kit in Clocks, WatclH--;, Jewelry íiml Sil ver 'Vare No '22. New Block, Ann Arb r, T. B. FRËEMAN. BABKBB anrt Fasliionable Huir Dtailsr, Main Btseet, Ann Albor, Micli. Ilair i'ronLs and Curls kept yonitaiitty "n oand. SCHOFF "mIITleE. Deai.ep.s i[i Húcelianeoiifl , School, anü Blank Bookfl 81a tioncry, Paper Hangings, kc, Main Street Ann irbor. "MISS JENNIE E. LINES, TEACH1 . Forte, Guitar, and ingin; desírousof enlarging her claafl, will receive [■ ! the Mtdeace of Prof. WINCHELL, whiob beiog oear tbe Union Schooi, will be vpry convt-uieot for eucb scholarsattending there wlm ma y wi.-b to pursue the study ofmusici ooanootioa with other branches. TermsSlO, half to be pald at the middle and tbe balauce at the cIoro fo the term. D. DeFOREST. lynoiESALE ana Retail Dealerln Lamber, Ijith, Shin' gles, Sash, Doors, Bliods, Water Lime, Graad River 'laster, I 'laster Paris, and Naila uf all Bizca. A ful) and perfect aisortment of the above, and al] otner tinds of building mataríais coiustantlj on hand :it the low' itea, on t)etroit Street, a'fe coda from the Bailroad Depot: 1] ,, tbs l'atent Cement Booftng. ffASBTBDtAW COUSTY BIBLE SOCÍETT. i EP09IT0KY of ffible and Tartamente t the Socktv t prioH at W. C. Voorheis'. CHAPIA, WOOD & CO., 8VCCESSORP To t-nXJJNTXD, CIÏA.I3IKrfc Oo MANUFACÏ t'Hl iL O] COLORED MEDIUMS, , ANSÍ AliBOlt IHLCH. CARDsTcARDSM CARDSÜ! Officeis prepured to prh.t c , rds tr I l' kin u"' ?í6 Jormer price. mcludin g BurineJcarVt of ÍS {TooatioiMandprofession, Bal!, Wedding, ana vuiic, bow'it"'0;1 'o0' C"gl" US Vcs „Mrs and sof "SEWÏKG MACHINE FOïTsALËT POR SAI.E CHKAP a new lir-t oUm Tamily Sewlnj Machine. Wanantecl ao better iu market. Tcrms Ann Arbor, Jal; ïeth, 1861. ' 'ND'


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