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Pickling Ripe Cucumbers--good

Pickling Ripe Cucumbers--good image
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At our requcst, Mrs. S. Gooding, Ningar;i Go., N. Y., furnishes for the Agri uiiwist the foilowing directions for a proparationof cucurnbcr.s,which is prououneod extra good by soveral of our acquaintances who havo tried thcm : Tako ripe cucumbers, when yellow but not soft ; pare and remove sccds ; cut lengthvvise into quarters, or if they are very large, cut into piuces smaller than qaarten; put iato a kettle with just Water cnough to cover ■ thera, adding a hand f ui of salt, or enough to make a weak briuc ; boil until cookod threugh, but not soft, (a littlc alura added wiil harden the pickles); take out and draiu well from the briuc ; place thcm in rtooeware or glass jurs, und cover with a syrup made by boilin a quart of vinogar with four pounds Oj sugar, skiminiiig it clear. Spicu by boil ing in tho syrup, cloves and cinnamon tied in a bag. Cover the jars and se asido in a cool place, and they will keep well through the year. J5 The man who iindcrtco te o blast liie neighbor's prospecta, used to ehort a fuso, and got blown up himsli t3P" Sink not beneath reversos.


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