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-ïhere aro moro things " to let " than nre placirded. Hearts aro to let every day ; old henrts, young hearts, ' striokcn hearts - all empty - all to let. Thcro are heads to lot ; to sny new thing, to isms, ologics aud ists; hcads witliout a tenant. Thero aro hands to let. Hands plump and fair ; hands lean and brown. Thoso to love, theso to labor ; tliMe for rag.s, and those for rings. ïliero nre conseiences to let ; clastic, accommodating, caoutel.oue ; at fivo per cent, a ïnonth, sixty por cent, a year. - ■ To let on bond and morígage, and a pound of flesh. And so it gocs, from sods to souk; almost everything to let; almost cverything with its prkje ; everythiug in the market but griefs. They are ncver quoted, never at a premium, never "to let." ZW The lady principal of a BcBool in her advertisement ïiiclitioned her feraulo ussistant an3tha ïröputatiofi for lettching which slió bears;" but the printer - careless fótlöw - left out the ■'wliich," so tiie advertisèmeot went fnrth, commendin:: tho !u!y's rep'itation i f.)f "teaohiny 8UE ; : iB3,"


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