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The Late Naval Victory

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FoETRres iloNRon. Sal urJoy, Aug. 31. 1SC!. Tho éxpedition whieh loft Hampton Koads f ir tho coaat of Norih Carolina, on tCoádtty lnt, has romilted ii oae of the most gplundid floh'evetnent on record as oontwetod wkh the navy in particular. Sonie dëlaj atténded the concentration t' all tho ships ilnd steamers, hut on Wednesday morninu: the Mhmi -s.ita, tho Wabash, the Cumberland, lli' Susquehiiim, the Phwnee, tliü Hnrriet Lane, tho Sionticollo, boeide a number ol tig ar.d the transport tlearoers Adelaido and Peobody, haü nri'ived oü Ilatteras Inlet 'I hu Doet was in command ui FlagOffiuer Stringhntn, and tíe land tarcea wcro (ionitnanded by tdnj.-Gen. Bu'.ler. Within the last three tnontha the rebtla h:ive erected tv o forte to gnnrd the mouih df thu Ilatteraa Inkt, and wieder tho protectioD which they afi'irded, Pamlico, Alberr.nrle Sounds, nnd the eonoecting soundc had becoriie the roii(!evnis of privuteere. Through this direct eonnoetion u'.h tho Gbesapeaks, Altxemarlt, Nor lol k, and Virginia eommur.iouted with the Qwing to the ehcutactuF of the-eoast, blockade Wig. impossiblo, and capture tliereforo beeamo neueasary, The bombardment was eommeneed ftt a dist aneo oi about tvo and a halt' inilü.s by tho Minnesota tin Wednesdav, til A. M., and sho was soon jofned by the enliro floet. Tho fire was ncwsont, the forts res ponded butseldom, and t soon becatne evident thal thoir guns could not rcach the ships, ihoUsth the rebels niiffht long out, proteuted as they cru by their works. . When the bo:nb:ifC?;ne:it oponed, tho ] n.ling ui' tnoopa fr.irn tbc Iransports, by l. uniches and iinall bouts, eoramonc.yd, nndor cover ol lUe guna oí the Har iet Lane and Mcnticcüo It was more tbnn an l.our bcforo thé first boat reaohed the boach. By thi: time tlio wind had coinv nj) so tintt the Mirf run high, and though tlie greatest etforts were made, only about three hundrud of the forcea wure landed. Every bout was uitber broken iipor héached, and notwiüistanding nearly ono thourand men had been ) taéed on Bchooners, it was considere to.) dangerons to attempt to lorid ttiem, and thoy were returned to íhe transporta. - Those who reaobfld tho bhore were thoroughlv weh Moanwbiie tho boinbardmont wont on without eessalion. Tha scer.e was i-xtreiiicly grand. The shells trom the fleet rainotl on tho forts and explodod iih Mplondid effect. ïlie forta replied but scldoin. Wben tbis had contintied about three hour.s the flag of Fort, Clark uame down, and tho rebels retreated to Fort Hatteras, a largo vfrk below. Soon after, our forcea on sl.otenccupied the abandoned fort and waved the Htars and Stripea froau tho ramearte. Uulbrtunately mtstaking the ior. or notaware thut our men liad laruloM, porne of theships sent severa! shelis in aniong thoin, but without injun:g any OÜC. The Mont cello had proceeded abeád of the land lorce tojproteut thein, and had reaehed the Inkt, when a largo fort, of an octagon shapo, to the rear nnd right of the smail battery, mounting ton 32s and lour S-inch guns which had till then been BÍlcnt, opened on her with eight guns, t short range. At the samo instaiit she got aground and stuck tast, the enomy pouring in u fire, hot and heavy, wbich the Monticelio replied to with shell ebarply. For iii'ty minutes nhn held her own, and finally gotting off tho ground, she carne uut, having been shot through and through by seven S-inch shells, one goiag below the water llno. She tired ;"5 ahdie in filty miauto.-3, nnd partially silensed tiie b-.utery. Sho withdrew at du;k for repiiri, with ono or two men sligh'Jy bruised, but none killed or woundtsd. The escapo of the vessel and orew was .-niraoulous. Until this time we Biipposed tho day was ou'v; but the unexpected opening of tho largo battery rathor changed tho aspdut of fi-ir9. Night coming on the fleot returned for anchorage, except the gun-boats which remained as near as prudent to g'.iard the small band who, oeparated from the tnain ferce, encamped on the beaoh in no small danger of an attack fr;)m tho robels iu largor forcé a short distance below. Nothing of importance occured during the night. Ün Thurñday morning tho ilect took their positions at about the atne range, and at'-S o'clock the Busqusbaana opened the hall, and in a few minutes the etitire fleet concentratod its fire on Fort Hattoras. Our forces on shoro were novv in ' Fort Clark, Fpeetators oí the scène.. Fort Hatteras did not return the fiie for nearly half an hour aud its shots all feil short. The bo:nbardment Kas continued without intermission, whon, about Iwilfpnst eleven, our shelta began to range on the magazine - a whito flag was displayed on the fort - o ir men at Fort Clark, with loud shouts, slarted on e doublé quick, and were met on tha btuch by a tlag of truco. Ca)t Nixon of tho Ooast Guard repnired to tho fort, and was met by the commanding offioer, who proved to bo Commodoro Samuel Barron, late oi tlio navy. He proponed to capitúlate by allowing the garrison to siaok arms and retire, and tho officers to retaiii their sido-arms. These terms General Butler, who had entered the inkt on the eteamer Fanny, insta ntly rejected, and domanded an unconditionak surrendur. These term, after a Oounoil of War, were accepted. Commodore Barron was takan to tho flag ship, where he delivered his sword j to Commodore Stringhatn, and the! nrmy oifioera delivered theirs to Gen. Butler. By the surrender woeamo in posseseion of ono thousand stand of arm&, thirty-five heavy guns, atnmunition lor the samo, a (arge-amount of hospital stores, two schooners - 'ne loaded with tobáceo and the olber wilb provisions one brig loaded with col ton, two ligbt-boats, two surf boatfl, vtc. Tho enemy's loss they allow t; be oight killed and thirty-fivo wounded. Eloven of the latter were left at the hospital at Annopolis. We took forty-five officers prisoner, many of high rank, among whora were: Commodoro Samuel Barron, lato Captain United States Navy, Assi.stant Secretary rf tho Navy. Colonel Bradiord, Chief of Ordnance. Colonel Martin, 7üi North Carolina Volunteera. Lieutenant C.olonel Johnston, 7th JJorth Oarolinia Vulunteens. Major Andiöws, Artillery,J late 'Unitd States Army. Lieutennnt tíharp, late (Jnited Stfffes A: iny. And severa! others, lato army and nnvy officers, anti six hundred and gixty-five nuil couiinistÍQped olficers and privates. Lieutenant MurJáugh, late of tilo Uuited Otates Navy, hail ins arm shot j olí', bi;t eseiiped wiili otlu'is ín uteamers tl::L wait&ü i;; ihe Sound, uut of range OÍ tl' t'.aMio:), lilifil tlu I' Jlts sur. , rundí tod, wbun they eseiiped, wilh lineo piivutuer selioooers down tlie Sound. Not n iiiaa was liurt on our .sido. The fort w'uh reinforcéd by tlie ni rival of four hundred uoii tbe tght bofore. Commodore Barron rcauhed the fort the aftel i.oon ol the first bomba rd me nt, nod on the second aflernooa a etoaruer approaotiud vvith one Ibouaaud mon, but were vrarned away by the guns óf onr rrién ni Fort Clark. Tho lerms of surreudtít huving been eigned, tho rebels were Dstructüd by Gi'ii. Butler to ti arch out i' thc fon, whu'h v:is dono, whitu our tni)s, all of vrhotn had botín landed.inarched ín uiid uiriulrJ on tlio p;iritpet. The , Btars ;md Stripes were ruised úrnidst tho wildost clifofiíij.', tlio bund plttyiug Yankee DooHle. Tho prUoñers :ind vvounded ivont on board the Ado!:iidc. The noxt mioriiiug they were transferreij to tho Minoesoiu, ill take them to New York - yoi:hm1 wil) izo to Ani):!io!ií. Colonel Webér h ie been placed in connnnud ol Port líattoras, a:id Cul. lí'awkiiis of Fort Clark. A poction of tjie iloct wi!l remain in the neighborhood. and gun boata will en tor the Sound tul adviues cau bo obttiined ÍVini Washington. VVith tlie forta, papers nnd books Were captured, disclosiog tlio plans of the rebela and giviug intieh valuablo iaformation. The inlaod coast oL Kortb Carolina ie at our lüoroy. Tho í'oris beïng built to eomrnand tho bara iauinir tlie sea, and fort Hatteras beïng oquoUy stroug on all idus, and ablo to rosiat aur bombardment tor lwo, it can ck-fy tbe rebels) lorever. At most timos Ü water o the inletis XS.feeUliut tho bar is very cluuig able. Atno other inlet is tbe water exceeding six íeet, whicli is tho doptli in Oci;. Inlut. Tho üfficere feit keotily the miscorriage, and dd not bo.titate te say tiíat N.orth Carolina had gíít a saveie Ijlow. All raaiiifested greatan xiely to know what was to bo dono with tlioin, and were assurod that they wew going anión g bettor (ri.endd than they had at hoii.'f, and where they would receivo fnll rationa regularly. Tho lnt consideration seemed to ufford gTeat satUfaetiop to tho privaros. When the dhpitulation took placo, tho provisioca oí tho garriaon weru ruooipg very low, consisting principally of buU juck and molaesee. Thu rebels' shells were fiiled with sand. Bui fow fusos were found in the fortreí8i Thu &hells were supposed on shipboard tn bu ridod shot, owiiig lo tho fand. Tlio powder in tho fort waa of puor (jiiality. Thoro was a largo QHinberof percussiun cap, rebol inake. Tho copper was not water prooi', and tl'.ey were vory poor. About I alt' the prisonere liad been i:: tbe I r í for three rnonths, with little pay: They complained of hardships. The aráis xeio nio.s'.ly ultored from flint to peruus8Íon locks. Tlioy were oí puor qu :.lity. But two compañías were l'ally unil'ormcd, tho Fest were in ei ■ zen' cluthos. The liospit.l was snpplied. Tbo wounds, without exoeplioD, were eaused by the explosión oí boinbs, and were of horrible descriptíon. 'l'hoy bled but little, in oonsequeuco cf searing from hot sholl. In the oqrrespnndenxje between Gen. Butltr and Cooiriiodure Barr-on, tho latlri' was í'ecügnized only as .Samuel Barron, whe higned hiinself, " Commanding C S forcea íor tho dótense of the coawt ol North Carolina and Virginia." Barron is brollier -in-law oi' Coraniodore Pendergrast oi tho Roanoie, Ho le ft tho novy altor seeesaioo. Wlmn the wiiiío ílagappoared, cheer upon enees went up trom the floot. Onr tara, who liad entoiod into tho contest with Iheir whple bouI, regarded the captiwsas tiioir game, whivh tboy baggüd with the utmost enthusiusm. Ono gunner, who lost lus rummer overboard was in the water in n jiffy. Ho returnev iih it bot'üi'o he was inissed. sweitting that ho vvaan't going to havo hits gun disgraped for tbe want of a rammer. Wbeu the priuonera weregetttng on thu boat in the heavy sea, tlie tara hurried thera ín shouüng, " Get in, yóu land-lubbers." Tho Lioanoko was sbotODce, and tho Montioello t brice, but sustuined no ureat damage. These were tl'e only rubel shots ihutstruck. liarron i.l a ncphew of Cuiimiodore Barron, of the war of 1812, lo irii'orceui'iiits ol 2,000 men was an tlie way Lo tho fort vlien it surreadered.


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