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OfficCfl Bsvmg fru -juontly jirrivcd aC Washington vavring emblema not aathorized, the army regulat'ioMs upon the subject, wiiicli aro as follows, have beeii republisbed fortlieiï ul'ornïrttroti:1. That General offioerS And oi&oers; of the Guncral Staff - the üoueral staff embraoing tliu afficers of tnu AdjutuntGeueral's, Liispuetiir-Gcnenil', Quartermaster-Geural's subsistence, and other General depártinculs - wear a butto havÍDg a spread e, ijle and stars aud aplai border. li. öeoeral offioers are to wear no trimuiiug on tbeir Lrowwrs. 3. Officera of the General Suff and Stafl" Corps- tli e Sta ff Corps coinprisiiig Eagineers, Topographioal Kngiueers, aud Urduauce - are required to wear a gold cord oneeigbth of ao iüch in diameter, lut iuto the onter seatn. Shoulder strapa for all of tho foregoiug to bc on dark blue cloth. 4 UfficcM of artillery, iufantry, riflomen, dragoona, :nid cavalry, and their regimental slnjf, wear a button similar in Bhape l he stafí' button, without the Btarn er border, a:nl vrith a letter on thu shieid to desígnate tho arm of service. 5. The colors of cltHh for offieers' shoulder straps, and cord for trovrSHrs, are required to bc as follows: artillerv - scarlet; iufüilry - Ügb( or sky blue; riflemeo - medium or Emerald green; dragoous - oruuge ; oavalrj - yellovy. - ■- - i mm ■ - --i-


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