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New Gun-boats

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The streogth of the navy is being r,ipidly inereased ; and if it goes on at the present rato, we shaU soou have no reason to complaia of the ''blockade" being ineifectual. Scvon new guu-boats, to bo used on the western rivera, havo been commenced - four at Carondolet, near the city of St. Louis, aud the other three at a place oalled Mound City. They are cxpeeted to be ready in the early part of October. They are iutended to be alike, aud tbcir size wil] ba as follows : - Extreme length, 175 feet ; breadth of beam, 51 i feet; depth of hold, six feet. Their armaments wül eousist of sixteen pms cach, to be of heavy metal. To afford greater security to the engine, &e., those portions surrouudiusr them will be iron plated, eaeh plate being two and a half inches thick. It is expcctcd that eaeh boat will cost whou fiüiahed about S90,0U0. Mr. Charles Clark, of Jersey City, has just coiiip'etud a sale to the United States goverument of four sehounera, wbiefa are comparatively new, to be converted into gua-boats tor tho navy. Tliey range froni oue hundred to one hundred and eighty tons, and were sold for about $28,000. Their ñames re W. G-. See, llacer, GrüMi and Soihronia, the latter being the largest. - ?hey will be innuediately fitted up aud e ready for service in about two weeks, nd are to bo sfationcd on tLo Potomac, SS" O" nf t'10 8eretarÍ9fl of the Juited States s'.ruck out i goo4 nao ia f getting rid of :m ntruder in a parioular e It appeara that the dooreeper oí tho Socretary's ofiico wü8 eraarkably obliing, vvhiuh provecí 'iito the thing lor i rubid offioe seakor, vho managed to got ia ovory duy and othe-r the Secretary When the inoyance bad oontinued three or four nys the Socretary stepped up ont ïorning to the doorkeeper, and inuired il he knew what that man uarna ftur daily. ' Tes,' said tho fanctionai-y ; ' an fuco I suppose ' ' True j but do you kuow what ffioe ?' ' No, sir ' 'Well, then, I will teil you- ho rante voor place.' The meeting next moi-ning between ie office seeker and polite doorkeeper s said to b;ivo boon rioh, fro:n the )eculiar manner o wbiofa tlio intrudor as informed the Suuretary was uot at ïome. Lga' When wo would show any otio ïat ho is mistaken, our best soursd i tí) bserve on wliat side ho eonsiders tho ibject - for bis view of it is genera! i y ght on that side - aiüi fcffmtt to hira that ie is right so far. Iï) wil) bo saiisfied th ilii;; aókitowledgtre&t, that he was ot wronj? in li is judginent, but only adverteut in not looking at tho whola of the case.


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