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Gen. Mcclellan And The Sabbath

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Hkadquaktir3 Aemtofthe Potomac,) Washington, Spt. 6. $ Gkkkral Okder, No. 7. The Major-General cornmanding dosires and requests that in future thero may be a moro perfect respect for tho Sabbath oa tho part of his comniand, - We are fighting in a holy cause, and ehould endoavor to desorve the benign favor of the l'reator. Uuless in case of an attack by tho enemy, or some othor extreme military necessity, it is comraended to conimamlirig ofïïcer that all work shali be suspended on the Sabbath ; that no unnoce.ssary ïnovements sliall be mado on that day ; that the men, as far as possible, shall be permitted to rest from tbeir lebers ; that they shall attend divine sen-ice after the customary movning inspeetion, and that the officera and men alike use thoir influencc to insure the utmost decorum and quiet on that dsy. - The General oommanding regards this as no idlo form. One day 's rest is neecssary for men and animáis. Moro than tilia, tbc obserwince of the holy day of the God of incrcy and of battles is our sacred duty. (Signed) GEO. B. McCLP:LLAN, Major General Ccmmanding. S. Williams, Adjutant-General.


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