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Ripe Apples And Ripe Hearts

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Dn '.lio ireea in yonder orol anl, iVo-ing out nid ihv leayee, H:nsja wenlib "I ruddy ftpple, Golden ms he h irvegl aheavag - Hnbgiüg like a viviil iciuie Iu the framewörk Nnlura weaves. 'J'lnv are ronn i. fnll. and glossy, Wi-h i !■ ohueks it oriDQfloii gold; Tii.y ju oy, ripe.nnd dihIIow, Bttlf tbi'ir êweamess 19 cot t'iid W ii .ir we fra 1 of ; ■ ■. r applea lu tlie 15. ble days of old. Ihoy have Imng sinco Iheir first fcriüir.g, liiiilftt'd ihe wind nnd rain, Sliivered in thu cliilly weatKer, 1 ill the öuuiigiit. eftiue agatn. Tiii-y Imvt1 tlic h6flf of BUQlBieP. tSt-vu il brigbtU08S wax a:id wane. They fti'o wuiting to he g.-irncred, Qrowíng riper evoi y dny: When ilie l'rost of luiuimn cometh, ()n ly ona ilu'v'll drop away And ïHiw trees sha!! sprout and ñourish Freos place of llieu' deciiy. llow our lionrts are liko tlicse npplcs, Srowing Inrgcr every hour. All thro' life's 1' ss iuniinors, Qaiaiog knowledge, trutb, and power, If we keep them in the annlight, As we wouf'3 i truiisured tlowcr; Bnffeting the ehilling tempest Met 1 every turn of life. l'raving oounl less eares and trials With wbicb eyery day is rif; Growins; riper, weetsr, rarer, Growing bettvr in tlie strifc. Sliowine fort li w benutioe .Inily, Till tlie eliilly aotumn-iime Comotli, with lts f osty fingers AdiI its sad and mouruful chime, Touch) ng ofaords upon our life-itringi Tliut wi'.li God and Heavn rliymd. When the frost of ngc is gal.liering, üne Ity one we'i] f;ill nwayj And our ripe hearta shtill fall with ua To our lowly house of olay, Hut a purer fonu sliall gpi ing p Krom the place of fclieir decoy. JBIí!)ipi rps.


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