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Three Recipes For The Cure Of Mutton Hams

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The L ndon Field giïm the following rèuipes in answer to sorae inquines as to the best muthüd of eunng mutton liams: If C. 13 will procure a plump leg of mutton, wipe it dry, and then put it into the following picklo, ho will have in twoor threo months time a delicióos ham, which he may eitber bake or boila slice out out and boilcd is very excellent. It may b sinoked, but here we like it bot tur without that process: - Three gallons solt water, 1 lb. conrso sugar, 2 oz saltpbtre, 3 Ibs. common salt. Boil the abovo together, remove the scum, as it i ises, and itnmorse the meat when colcl.- -De Cestria. Out a bind quarter of mutton into the shape of a ham, let it hang two or three days. Mix half a pound of bay Balt, 2 ozs. saltpetro, half a pound of coarse brown sugar, all well pounded togethor; make thera quite hot over the fire, then rub the compound well into the meat; turn it every day; af:er four daya add 2 ozs. common salt. Let it layintho brino twelve days, turning and basting it every day; then tako it out, dry it and hang in wood smoke for one weok. - E. W. One-quartor of a pound of sallpetre to half a pound of raw brown sugar; make them very hot and rub into the legs of mutton over night. Kext mornmg salt thom with common salt. Lot the mutton hiy abouta week, move it over and rub in fresh aalt, and let it remain another weok in pickle. Then hang it up to dry. When dry keep it in canvas bags to prevent being fly eaten. N. B. - Do not lt the rnutton lay in the wet brine, but place sornething under to raise them froni the wet or dropping that will fall irom them. -


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