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Ventilation Of The Apple Barrel

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By this we mean the bitring of holes in the hcad or stavcs or the barrels that v,-ill allow tho escape of tho moisturo that is conxtantly passing off from the newly gathered fruit. AYü hazard nothing in the statement that ono half the fruit sent to this marküt thisseason, so far, has been uiaterially injured from thia causo. The effect of couiined-vapor upon the applo ia not at once appnreut, The fruit nppears unconnnoiily bright oo the first opening - but as the surfaco dries off, tho applo begins to grow dull looking, and if a light skinncd apple, in a lay or two will present tho appearauce of half bakcd fruit, But this steaming from confinement not only injures the sale of the fruit, but to the great dis&ppointment of the eonsumer, his fruit does not keep ag ho sup posed it would, aud as the variety of apple he purchascd led lam to supposo it would. Premature decay is surc to follow as a coiise(]uonce of thia want of


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