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Camp Fountain, Aun Arbor, ) September 16, 1861. At a meeting of the offieers of the First Michigan Infantry, held at head guarters, tiiis morning, Major F. W. Whittlcsey was appointed Chairman, and Captain Williain A. Throop, Senretary. On motiou a cominittee of three was appointed, consisting of Surgeou Tunuicliff, Chaplain Edwards, and Captain Grummond, to present a series of rcsolutions expressing the appreciation of the regiment for the mauy kindnesses received at the hands of tho people of Ann Arbor and vicinity. The following résolutions wcre siibsequently presented and unanimously adoptcd : Whereas, This regiment lias receivöd marching orders, and the liour has arrived for sundering the many pleasant ties, fonned by it while in this encampment ; bc it Jiesohcd, That our sincere tlianka are due his honor, tho Mayor, John F. Miller, and Ilev. F. A. Blades, for their untiring efforts to promote our comfort, and for their industry in forwarding the reorganization of the regiment. 2d. That the ladies of Ann Arbor and neighboring towna will be gratcfully remembered by the officera and men for their thoughtfulness in providing housewives, towela, hospital shirts, &c. 3d. That we appreeiate the kindness of the people of Augusta, and of Washtcnaw county generally, in loading our tables with tho bounties of life, and for lending to tho camp tho charm of their presence. 4th. That we hereby acknowledge our obligations to the Exeeutivo Conimittee of the Washtcnaw County Arieultural Society for the use of tho fair grounda as our encampment. 5th. That we humbly trust that none concerned will ever have cause to regrot their care and regard for the Michigan First. Finally, Thnt these proceedings bo publishcd in the papers of Ann Arbor and Detroit. (Signcd) F. VT. WHITTLESEY, Chairman. WrttiAM A, TnRoop, Sec'y.


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