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Fire At The Reform School

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At híili' past two o'elook yesterd;:y mornÏDg, tho watch.Tan discovered tía mes bursting from tho south wirïg of the work shop. The alarm was immediately giveo, but the Dames, spreading rapidly, had eompletely ei;veloped the endre tin shops befare th: engines reaohed tho spot, nnd de.-pite the vigorous oiiorts of thö firenleu, ttie wliolo rmv of work-shops, tho enginj building, tml an mfnennë Btnount of stock lor the manufacture of chaire, ir e wrnpt in dauw, : masa of ruins Tlie lo.s;' in the t!iitw is fistimated at Iróm $2,500 to 83,000- no insuranoe. Wooclhouse & Butler lost from $5,000 to $6,0JO-Mrisrtd fir 2,000 in tho Hora e iiisiirancc; Uo. Wi'.h tho esceptiön of a few chnii!) varmVheè, painta nnd brushea in the paint-shop, tho entile Btpuk inthesho , oorisisting n{ oan'e seáts, Bug and ehair timbir, Ijaiíhed and unfinished chniríí, tojicifirr u iih the enginp, rnacbinèry and ten is ;i ti (al loss. Wo are K-ft to eonjëcturè as to tlio ur'gin ui' th fire boiiiü regardiiíg it áu tij i vvor!; of' Uubuleot spirits among tliu boy?, fi'.hcrs k accidi nt No tíahad bo(Mi kopt in buildings after ffVe Ö'clopk vl the provious day. It is j'istabout á yearsince asimilar but U'ss (lisnstious fire destróyed thé shops, nee which lime tho buitdiog leid been robn.It, new machinery put in hy the coptrnctors, and evérything was movfng tn tt) their edtire efatisiaction. Sl.oi.Id 1 1 io State lail to rebuild tho shop--, which are an en tire ruin, tho loss of Messrs. Woodhouso & Ekrtler will uo augmontèd, as they havo a large qiiairtily of flág and obair tiiiibcr vrhich caonot bu tjiahufactured bere. It is a disastrous fbiffg to Iheni and to tho


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