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vilio Demncaf, ollera lp tlio following for tlio robels whO aro invauing Ken tucky : ' Wc :u'c mild and gentío in our temper and teiïlóerametti. We, like (Jncle Toby, wouid beüove in putting the ba.7.v.g fiy out oí tbo window, eaying: 'ïhere is room enoufh in this world for thee and me;' but no cannot possibly boar to háve this invu sion ujxin us. Muy the fains of heaven f::ll upon thoin, and soak thèir blankets till ever}7 man thifl fü'l lius tho ngue, - May tho wÏDt'er show and frost chili and kill tlicm. May tbe eirrw opon thoírtoes bo more plentiful than the corn in tbeir camp kettles, and thejr ehoes oever iit. May thoy starve, ireeze, and have tbo tooth-uche, evcry man of thetn, until ÜK'y retreat ignominiouply, from our tUnto. We want another Moscow winter to aid in the cause. Ileavcn wil! be gracioua we koow, and iu the saored c:i)se visit upon Ihern all of tlie evils thoy have (ried to bring upon us; until repe&tent they ngain ack admission into tl-u Union on tho old term?, our voiee is BJtill íor war. Lot us let them know tbat Kentucky ie oppoaed to coerción. Bhe ia also opposed to boing coerced ; and since Ihoy huve bowd the wind, let them rosp tho wliiilwind."


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