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Power Of A Horse's Scent

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Jlicljipn ihps. A correspondent of hu Hamr.rfrtul wiys : í?Thore i one pereeplion hul ii Imi-fe pose!=scs,.tli!it hut lkt:e iitcn Mi Kus been pnid to, and ch :i t is the p.iwer P scent. With somo hersos il s rfl ncnfe a wiüi the dog; md P r the buiu-Ht of thio who hovó trt flfio nitfö, snch n.s phvsictnnR rind nlhern, t1iin twewleflge is invahinble. I Inive nrx'ri fcnowti il to f.iil, and I buvé rode iimidri'ds dl' rniloB on dkrk nightp; and in crnsicU;r:iti'iii of ilii-i power of pcent tnis is iny fimple itilvioe: never check your aor.-u uightf, bnt give liiiü 'ree liead, nd you my wt nwured thac he wil! nevtr gct otf the rthd audswitl ; i'arry you oxpediliously md sufe. In regard to the powor of sct'in ':íi. a , liorvc, I onco lenew nneof a paií ühat wh stolen and itfcnve"ed niainiv hy the track beiri tnudu out by hi atu, ! nd that nfter hu had bien 'absent tx or aight houw.1


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