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The Old Continentals

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JtUiiHftU! típiK '..f, 08 ;. v. :i !. . r. the Dl nM.S of tll.'lt glorious atriljglo, nn.l nuiin: t .■ our p:itriotitm witJ the "drum nl uxmpct " lint nf Goy Hun hre MoMaBter, wln-rein tbc l.".ttl.' of Bunker iiill 8 ealebrated in verse Umi, .'ounds like le relt OÍ drums and tui1 rnitle of BMkctry: In thtir ragged regimentáis Stood tlie old Continental, Yie'ding not, When t lic G'renn lii n w re 'rniging, Anil like hai! feil the plunging CUudoi atol ; Wbcn the film Of tlielsle, Fi-ciü the tiDoJfy night onc-impment, Bon the banuer of ihe rampaot Unicorn, Aiul gfummer, gruromcr, gnimmcj KollcO thu poll oï tii' druuïnicr, Tbrcugb Uu' Dioru ! Tlien vr'.th oyrs to the front all, Ai.J with guns lioriQutal, Stool our fi' ree; And ilie bulla whUtled dendly, Aud n strt'nniB il:ishir)g rodly Blazcd ilie fireij As the rofir Ou the thoro Swopt tlie strong ba Ulo brenttn O'tr he groon odded acriB Of t!:e plain; And loud r,louder, londfr, (Jraclioi! 1 hu bliu-k jun cwjiir Cracking nmaiu ! NV ■ ;kV pir.illii? al í lioir frges "' . i k .- 1 i the red St. OcorgA'a Cnnnoiii(.T3 ; And the ' villainons snit peltre' luim; the flero dicordált met re Hound our cara ; As the swift Storm drift, itli lint Bweeping nngcr, Came tlio horse gunrda clangor On our flanks. Tlifii hiffher, higher, higher, Huri.rd i he i ld faebdoned fire l'l rouglj tUu rnuke ! Th i! i he öld f.-liionod Co'onel Galloped through ihc white infernal 1 v.ur cloud ; And hs brnnd sword .xrtiB ffwinging, And his l.i-üzon throat wak riilging Trompet li ml, 'J'htn ihe l.luo ViühU flew And tho irooper jnckets riddea At the touch of Ihe lenden Kiiiy hrenth. And rounder, ronnder, ronnder, I?nrfd tlic ron six putinchsr Hurling deiith.


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