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A secret cáucuq of CoDgrosíiona] ultmiats was held in Washington on Monday eveníng, for the of; orgamzing an oppoeition (o the constitutiona] policy the President has determinad to pursue in putting down : the rebellion. About twenty mercbera participated, and thortgh correspondente and outsiders wi-ro oxcluded, the proeeediogs ;ire venülated in the New York Times. Pomeroy, of Kansas, presideá; and McPherson, ol Pennsylvania, was Clerk. Thad Stevens made a long speech, proclaitned genera] etnanuipatioQ, and pitched into Oom. McOldlan liko a thousand of brick, which was only " whipping the , duyil round the stump," or, in other vrords, :i very oautioua way of "gctling a lick" at "Oíd Abe." D'.ven, of New York, replied; clenied the right of' the caueus to establish a war policy, and offered resnlutions aflirming the Pbiladelpliia and Chicago platforms, and protesting against the right of a OongVessional ConVenticn to add to or take from those statements of principio. Maiiy other speeches were made, btit the caucii9 adjourned to Wednesdny evening without coming io a vote on Piven's resolutions. - Republican papers have been accustomed to deiionnce as ' secessionista," '; traitors," etc, all persons - espec rally if they were democrats - who have called in quéstion governrnont measures and governmental policy ; and, we may, therefore, expeet(? that thee same journals will fiercely rebuke these Congressional agitators. If it is a crime for a private ci'izen or journalist to dissent from specific governrnent mensures; is it any Icss a crime for members of CongiesH to orffiinize an opposition to the Gorernment, and attempt to compel the President to adopt a policy he considera unnecessary, unwise, and uWOTistitatiün'il, even though such members are Kopnblieans ? Who will answer us ? jif" On Monday the Senate rosolved tí) appoint a committee to investigate tbe causes of defeat to our annies at. Bell Kun, Ball's Bluft, "Wilson's Creek, and Tjfxington. As man}r of the Senators participatcd in the Buil Run aff :iir - especially in the run - and are eupposed to know all about the canses of that defeat, Ihey shonld have confincd the investigation, to the oiher three reverses. And then, we think the investigation at tliis stage, should be k'ft 'o the war department, and that no gootl will come from a politícheongrepeionöl oommitteo of investigation. JETS" We give largo share of our spnce this week to the Reporta oí tho Secretarie of War and Navy. The importan ce of these documenta ia our only apr)logy. We commend them to every reader who would know the condition of the army and navy. The informntion they give e suppose to be roliable. J5 The Washington correspondent of the N. Y. time says that Coinmodore Levy, the owner of the Monticello estáte, and a loyal Unionist, has prepared bis will, and gives the Jefterson homestend to the government vvith $100,000 to keep it in repair. Let tho gift be acoepted and the property preaerved. So say we. JL2" Th President's Message, whieh was deüvered at noon on Tuosday, the 3d inst., was published in full in San Francisco oo Thursday morning, the 6tfa inst. Tliis is effectually iinnihilaling distance, and making oor California bruthers nest door neigh bors. jy Savannah dispatchos of the 7th in8t., say that Gen. Butler's expedítion arrived at Porl Royal on thet day. If so we may expect to hear something soon. _ Hl ■!■ Ili J&3T The rebels fear that the extensive oxpedition of Gen. Burnside is designed for York lliver. If it starts in that direction there t. illbe a stampedfl from the rebel nost at Richmond. g" The death of Senator Binoiiam was officially announced in Congross on Tuesday. Tn tho Senate eulogies weré pronounced by Messrs. Chandler, Clark, King, and Sumner; and in tho House by Messrs, Beaman, Trowbridge, Granger, Ashley, and fiedgewiok. U" On Saturday evening last Capt. Braman, of Kellogg' Second Michigan Cavalry, presonted 8opt, RiCK,in behalf of the officers of tho regiment, a niagnificent silror pitcher, as a token of thanks tor the generous accommodations furnished tho regimaiit on the occasion of lts recent transit to St. Louis. Served him right. --■-. -.■--- T5T The d welling of Elisha E. Kelley, in the Towr.ship of Ypsilanf bout four miles south of tho City, was burned on the night of the lth inst. Tho family was absent from home, anti not a tking was savod. Totnl loss about $1,600. Insurcd in the Washtenaw Mutual Insurance Company for $1,200, whieh we doubt not will be promptly paid.


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