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The Southern Port Bill

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Washington, Dea 30. Tho lollowing i.s tho bilí infcroduced in the House to-day, by Mr. Stevens, on eave : First. Thatsli law., or parte ol lawf, creating and establishing poris of entry, or deliverv, in any State now n rubcllion bo, and the same nro hereby, repealed. Second. Heroafter no vessel, sither foruign or domestie, ercept Biích as beloDg lo, r are employed by, the Government of tlio United States, shall enter or luavo any of the said ports unless driven thero by stress of wea her, Thinl. If nny vessel símil viólate, or atteinpt to viólate, the províaioDS of ihis act, the fiíiid vessel, cargo, and everything appertaining theroto, shall be forfeited, the one half to go to the captor, and tho other hall to the United States, nntl every person is hereby authörized to make snob seizore, and the Captain or Commandar t f such vesfol Bhall 1! fittéd not exeeeding fivo hundred ddlnrs. Fcurth. The siiid vessel and cargo may be seied at any place at sen, or 10 any port, and tlie gooda may bo taken nberever found, eithcr on land or watt'!1. Fith. Tho proceeds shall be divided amoDg ihe cft'ptore necording to the law now regirla ti ng prizes. Srxlh. Tho sbip and cargo tnay be tried, as well as the ofiBcure, in any courtin tho United State, into whoso jurisdiction the samo may be taken. Seventk. The States now in rebuHmn are Virginia, N.irth Carolina, Soulh Carolina, Georgia, Alabaraa, Florida, Texas, Lonii;in:i, Missiasippi, Tennessee, and Arkaneafl'. If any other States ehbuld herenfter beoonrre rebelliooB, the Pr'eai'Jönt shall proolaira tlie fVct, and tho provisión oí thia act shall thon spp'y ' such Stato or State.--. Eighih. Tho President shall have power to declare nny harbor or harboi-8 ports of entry whon, in his judginont, it shall be expedíení.


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