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Gen. Halleck

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St. Louií--, Mo , Duo. 29. Gen. Halleck is a man of business. He coraos promptly to tbe point. A c)ergymu in San Francisco, aoliciting gubecriptionsfor the ereotion of a chiireh once called upon htm, a,nd began a long explnnation. Ho checked him with tht abrupt iuquiry, " How nmch is tbu ohiireh to oost ? ' " Seveutytwo thouaand dollars," was the reply. General Hnlleck figured tor a moment, put b'w name down fot three hundred dollars, and handod back the papor with the reinnrk, " That is .iiy propon ion.- Good morning, eir." The rovtrond visitor bowed bimeelf out, quite surprued to find Ui bu'mes ao suddonly dispiined of, A good many people have been eubr jected to the sarne otnotion Binqe Gjen. Halleck took oommand here. A gentleman oallud upon him one morningr, aod in due course was admitted to hw presence. " Good morning, Mr.--," said the General, "hu.veyou any business with me ?" "I have u moment's," replied the visitor. " Very woll, sir, a moment let il urn" A m"ment it wus. The modest gtntleman related bis ernaivl i in wbatMr. Uhoate usad to cali "tumuli tuous huste." "I can do nothingabout i it, eir," was the GmieraPa answer, as he turnea aay. A St, Louis triend of mine pives a ludicroi's account of a sim-, I ilar interview at which ha assisted. - "Dr, 1 and myxelf," he ays, 11 went to oall on Gen. Hulleck. Alter waiting íor Üie twppal of severa! o'.lier pilgrimn who. vera there before us, we wera admjtted. The Qenaral cma forwnrd and shoolí handa with ui, w.ih the salutation, ' How do you do, gen tlemen?' IBefore I bad time to ivply. be asked: 'Have y.iu any business with meí' Woll, no, Geiural,1 I nswered, ' wa simply callad to pay our respect.' I thought it now tima lo but the dootor was not to be put off in thia way. ' General,' sid he, ' we wish to expresa our appro.bation of your course. V{e h.a,v? ben rauch gratified by H-uR eíoepf an eral order No. 3; we think the policy of that unwist.' ' I don't expeut to please everybody, Rir ; expect to do my duiy, sir. Good morninjr, gentlemen.' By 'this time the dootor's opinión ag ead with mine, nd we camj away. We used to hear a great deal about Gan, Frennout'a inaccessibility ; bnt it was r.athing to Qen. Halleuk's ' iny with-ine-sir? The phrase bas beuomo very familiar : through town ; and we he:ir Gen. Halleck's abruptneas denouncüd in mich the samti terms that were used about Gen. Freraont's " barricade," But what is a commander te do? If hM doors are open to the fierce domooracy of otficer-, politicians cjremonious vis itora and lioa-huntei's, he has no time fo.r the mamier in modo. Gen. Halleck is hard at work organizing the army. His rocent order to all regiments in the dupartmont, to be alvviiys ready to move at a momciit's potice, shows that when he does strike he (ntendsto strike suddenly. When he hua accompiished the work he in here to do, and defeuted the rebels, he will doubtless have eufficient leisure to treat all who cali ripoo him with the maat distinguished politenes. Until then, people uho are wiso will nottrouble him thoy oan rospond in tho afirmativa to the inevitable question, "have you uny busioesa witb me ?"


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