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Brother Against Brother

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A correspondent of the New York Herad, wbê aecompanied Gen. Grant'ts command from Cairo in its recent reconnoibsance, relates the following incident of tilia! afí' etion; it a!so fiHTiishes a touching einmple of the unnatural ness of the re bel I ion ; " On the road from Weston's lo Milbiirn, I had ridden on in advance of the column to a leg farm-house, about midway betweon the two phieef, and was warming myseli' before alusty firo when the advance carao up. No one was at home but an old gentleman of perhaps sixty winters, his wife, and two or three juveniles. I sat talkirtg totho old couple, when two young men, privates in the Thirtieth Regiment, stepped in the doorway and uccoï-U-d the old man n heftrly ' (.lood morning.' The old man retufded the greeting, gave his hand for a ebake, oflered a chair by the fire, and was about to turn to. another comer, when one of the boys exclaimed : '"Father, don't you know us?' "The old man stopped, looked, rubhcd his eyes a8 if to test bis visión, advaneed a step, naid ' boys ' and there his uUerancta c-hoked in his throat, extended both his hands again, and iollowed up wilh sueh a shaking. The matron, when ghe board ths question, 'Father, don't you know us?' Uroppud her cotton carda, Bpranff to hpr ieat, and - acted prtcisely sb any good old mother would at seeing her two sons after an eight years' absence. Then there were a hundred (jue6tion8 asked and ans-A-ered, as many filial kisses exchanged, and a thousand endearments lavitihed, which the reader must picture to himself, üne of the quostious asked by the boys was : " ' Where is lid?' (a younger brother); in answei to whioh the old man said, with evident trepidation : "'He went off to Dolumboi witb CharlcyWickliffo.' " Then there was a scowl mantled over those two young men's faces, and one replied ; "'Ed in the rebel army ! Well, I hope never to meet him in the rebel ranks; but f' I do' ., ... g.nd he did not 6mh tliis threat; tor his mother'ö ariaa were about his neck, and he vas ohokedoff from what hc would 8ay by the pleading of his mother that he ' would spare her youngest boy.' This is no ' fancy ekele!;,' but an everyday llustration of how, in Uus war, brother i$ itted agaioet brother, and Idpaguinst kin." VW Wit is the lioomorang tha strikes and grcciously returns to the hand, but sarcasm is the envonomet shaft that sticks in the victim'sgizzard


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