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Interesting Relies Of Gen. Washington

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Tbe relies of Washington, disöovered at AVHngtoD House by Lhe Hoi. CafeÜ Lyon, of Lyo!js(l;ili3, and plueed in hit) cue by Mi'j'.r General AtCloJla, have beenoy bi,n !.-■;;;. üy and aiimirubly arrangea. Mr. fiyön, it will be recollgctedjisthe gentleman who, whilo'ffl the' Kc'.v York Legislatura, eueceeêfiiüy advi.ed thu puicljatso af Washngtttlj'js lioadijnui'tcrs at Nevvburg. - relies conajist of porcelains proi fo Gon. . n by tn'o moinbei'8 6f the Order of Cincrinnuti, the irtns of' wliicii arè cinblazoiieci on eacli pieca, uphuld by a ligurü to I''uino in colora, Á.ího, pitcuít of a tea et prusented tr airs. Washington hy Gen. Lafavütte, ín 178}., with the monogram "M.,W." on eacli, ia a good centre, his sleoping tent, his üeld tent and portmanteau, his tear tablo, his mahogany cabinet, his punch bowl, his treasuro chest, two vases preeented tq him by Mr. Vaughn, a Londoner, two cundelabras presentad him by Count liochambeau, and the blanket under which he died. Thesa are, by far, the most valu'able and authoutic nicmorials of llie Pater Patrise. Mr Rinitii, Seóretáry of the Interior Department denerves the tbanks oí' Üie peop'o for afioi'ding Mr. Lyón every faciüly 10 eíl'ect Iheir niost peifect pruservation, It will bo remenibered thíit Mrs. Lee, the Wúe of the rebel General and daiighternf G. W. P. Oustis, had twice written Gen. MeDowell that f!ie had not left in tlio Arlington House an articl'j ihat uver bulungud to General Wa-hingtoi!, and but for tha friendship oí Mr. Lyon with the late ííeo. W. Parké Cuatis, of ArHnjftótl, aijl his kjDOwledgeof these iirtieles during the oíd patriot's life time, would bave been unwitlingly nloleu pr destroyed by tho ioídiers or sefvaut,-;, as indeed rnany of them havo been. Crowds oí pe'ople are attracted now to the Patent Ofïïcu to gazo upon these souvenirs of the ! greatcst man uf of any ngo.


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