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A Word To The Girls

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"1 belicve tnat auring tue tweniy-six. years I have praoticcd in this city, 20,000 children have been carried to the ceraeteries, a soacrifico to the absurd toni of exposing their arma and neeks." So says a distinguished physician of Paris, and may not the sumo absurd custom provail lioro ? It s sad to sco young childrcn die, but it ia terrino to seo tue young and giftod, ju?t budding into wimian liood passing awny, burying the hopes and asriirationsof'eighteen or tweuty summers, with all the care and culture bestowed upon them, under the eod. And yet I know that the number of girls may be counted by thouBands, wïfo coinmit suicide by appearing at partios, baila and festivals, with bare anns and üecks, thin shocs and stookings, and late hours. It really does sconi that American ! women spend time and money without j stint, to inake thomselves as miserable as ! possiblc. Jiere s the thermometer, at ) zero ; winds blowing chili as Lapland but Mis. Makesbow is to havo a party ; j guests to arrivo at half-past nine P. M., young ladies ia a llutter of exoitcinent all day. New bands, laces, íiounces and frills to bo arranged for eveniug, aud too ofte all tlus accompanied by a ness that if' a new toilette is made, it : must be by working oíd things into new, : not to make them more becoming, or tasteful, but because it is " perfectly ridieulous " - so says Mrs. Braiofess, wife ' of Hir Gripes Brainless, (' to v.ear the same dress twice in one seasou, to a party." So it is worry, worry all day, don't want a bit of dinner, excitement has killed apputite, of course, no supper, becauau Mrs Makeshow alwajs gets up such spleiulid sappers. And so some delicate girl, who wcars a heavy merino or delaine all day, with a pair of kuit woolen uudersleeves, (as liko as not) aud I a blanket shawl round her shoulders to keep her from freeziug in a warm room, finds herself ready at nine o'clocl? it niglit, after twelve houra of labor and excitement, wiih an empty stomach, aud exhausted system, cold feet, and throbbing brain, ready to dress herself in gaue, lace, or silk, with low neck and short sleeves, to tako off hor high boots and coinmon stockings, and supply their place by kid or satin and tkin silk, and to pass from the oosy, warm, homo sitting room, iuto Mrs. Makeshow's spleudid doublé parlors, that have been neither ; warmed or aired for six months, and are ' now only a fortieth part oí a degree ' above tlie freezing poiut. Oh ! thofce naked anns, pimpled with goose flesh, and purplèd with frozen blood. Oh ! for that shfcering form I gliding among belles and beaux, the for mor as ben.sele.ssl3' aud uncomfurtably dressed as thumsolvcs ; the latter in eloso knit woolen uudershirts up to tho very roots of the hair, agood white shirt over that, a doublé backed and doublé breasted thiok satin vest, well wadded on the back and breast, over that; a broad j cloth coat over that, at least six thickuesses of thick cotton, flannel and broadoloth over the ueck and shoulders, and four thicknesses from shoulder to wiist, and not a bit too warm ; with woelen liose and calf skin boots on their feet. - Man is the Lord of oreatióD, of course he must keop warm - but Angfl tvoman ! ah me ! It is dreadful to think of a battle fleld, with its killed and wounded, but if the truth could be known, parties and balls in high life, or even in low, wíl! kill by slow tortures, more wonien tiiis winter throughout our country, fhao will fall in the conflict between the North and South. Won't yon, won't you, won 't you, won't yo'J, 'laktmy counsel gil'is, Wearyourhigh neek'd.long elecrad droaaca, With your siuilea and curie ?


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