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A young man coming to the city not long since ín scarch of employment, answered an advcrtisement of the following purport, which appeared in one of the i morning papers: " Wanted - A strong, active young man, to carry a cripple about the city i during four or fivo hours in tho d;iy, tïie remainder of his tima boing at h;a own j disposal. Wagos liberal. Applyat - ." ( The place iudicated w;ts the third ! story, back room, of a teneruent house where tho cripple, a genteel-looking man, I undor middlfc age, was discovcred in his tíbair, with bis helplesa limbs curlcMl I dor him. The young man was invited to ; a trial of his skill in transporting the . burden, which, being found satisfaetory, : a bargaia was struck, and a five dollar gold piece handed him by his uew cmployer as the earuest of more to como. - At the same time, he -.vas informed that the gentleman who ongnged bis services was dependent upon the legt of others for wliat exeroise he took, and ho was ex pected to be ou hand punotually every day, to act as a saddlo-borse. For several days the youug man continued to bear his burthon hither and thithcr at oommand, ftsking no qucstions, for his work was easy and the wages liberal. Uut his tongue itched to inopiire into the singular movements of his crippled cmployer. Ho iippeared to have a monomanía for riding in stages First hu would go up (own in a Fifth Avenue bus. and toen bcVqss tho city in one of the Red-bird line, and so down and up, hei e and tbere, and all through tho duy. At length tho mystory ajj' proaclied its solution. As the omnibus travüler and Jiid "lega" weve one day lunohing at, a Broádway reirtanrant, they wcre disturbed by tho sudden appeaïance of a policeman, followed by a gentleman, who approuched the dufenseless cripple ia tho most exeited marnier, pointing at him and cxelaiming - " That's the rascal ] There is the man who stole my wiiVs purse ! That's he I" " Beg your pardon, sir !" was the müd reply. " There is surely some mistake. I am a cripple, as you see, I have but one purse, aud that is my own - this ! ' Displayiug at the same time a well filk-d porte monaie. '■ That's the very one ! That's my wife's purso," was the answer, and in spite of the expostulations of tho von:g man, who came to the def'ense of his porsecuted cmployer, the irate gentleman attempted to suize tho purso and called on tliQ officer to arrest tha cripple. But, too late, for whib tlicy talked, those helpless limbs had stiffened out and were carrying their owner down the street with au agility tint proved too ïïiuch fur the officor, who soon returned out of breath, to arrc-sl the dunib-iouiidsd young gentleman i'rom the country as tho accompliee of one of the most expert piek-poekots ia tho country, who hi'.d chosen this novel expedient of carry i og I on his thieviüg operutions without susI piciou. Tlie young man was carried before a magistrate ; but the principal not being forlhcoming, the supposed aceomplice was disoharged for want of evidence, and took the licst traiu for home, satislied í that New York was not, in all respects exactly the place for a young man seek ing


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