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Tao Jrwtine s üispatcu staces tnat an order has boen issued to tlio commanders of Divisions, in Virgiuiu, direeting all surplus baggage, not actually needed for troops on the march, to be sent here and warehoused. Another order has been issued to tho Surgeóns in charge of hospitals in this city, to seud the couvalesceut patients to Annapolis and elsewhere, and otherwise to havo ready as many spare beds as possible. A special dispatch to the JTeraM, from Washington, eays: " Froiu infonnation received from our scouting parties and from other sourcos, it is believed large bodiea of rebel troops have been within a few days transferred by railroad from Manassns, relying on the utter inubility of the Fedoral anny to move agaiust tliem on account of the impassable coudition of the roads.1' The World's dispateh Bays : " A rumor is given and names of parties distinctly stated, that orders have gone forWafd to Marshal Murray and DistrictAttoriiey Snoith, to compel partios who ! gold or C.Wterecl improper vessels to the War Dcartmout fr tne Burnside espedition, to rb.turn the suins received or go to prison. A firm ín New Yori knowu to have been violentiy eecession Jong aftor tho fall of Sumpter, is stated, bo the fest called upon. It was reg.rded as very strange that tLi iirm shoulJ ua'G been employed. Treachery aa wcll aa fraud is suspectea in the fitting out of the Burnskle Expedition, and thoac who havo sworn to falsehoods in respect to the draft of their vessels, will be conipellcd to refund. . 1 1 a in Tue New Yokk Fire- Tbe aggre gate insurance on the property destroyed by the late firc in New York is $-250.000 -the loss was $500,000 more than that. A Sion. - It is stated that United States Treasury notes commaud thirty per cent. premium in the southern states. They are rated .equivaleut to gold, and much sought aftcr.


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