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Gen. Halleck Turns The Screw Again

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BI. I.:ij:ï( f .■;. ,. The fitllolflg geseral urdcr wü! be ! isiu:il in the iBur.tting : !l ■ tvi CRi TSPitTMreiP OT MHM0CR1, 1 . .'. ■ ■■■-'. !('-. ) The Pruilai !, Professors, Curators, and offieèra nf the (TniveTMty : .Missouri, are reqtrired to take. and subscribe to the nath of ulivgiaace presoiibed bv tl e 0 h iirlicN; of the Stuto Ordin.iiKv, (. Oatober löih, 1801, and to file the samo in the r frico of the j ProvoBt-Mafahal General, in this city. j Tliosc who fuil to cnmplj with this order, within tho period of thrty days, will ba aoneidered nn baring refigned : their respective ciilices, ntté if anj one who so fdüs slutll thereafter attempt to obtnin pay rr porform the fuo&tions of sucholfice, hu will be tried and pmiished for miütiiry (iftonst-. This institutioD . having bsen endewvd bv the Government of the United Sttitos, iu funda ', fihouhl not be u.sed to teach treason, or to instruc-t traitors. ïho authoi ties of the ünivcrity dbould, tlierefere, expel , from ita wnlls all persona io by word ! or dstiú, favor, asf-iat, or nbet rebeltion. The Prcsidont and directors of all the Uuilroad Companios ja this State will bo reqnired to take, and subscribe to, the oath of alleiance, in tho form, witliin thé time, and ander the penalt'uis preecribed in the precedinrj paragraph. They will nlso be required to' filo bonds for such sums as may be designated by the Provoet MarehalGeneral that they will employ no conduotore, engineers, station-m aster, or other officere, agents, or emplovee?, who have not taken tho oath of al.'egiance, and who aio not loyal to the TJnion. No contracts will hereafter bo made by Quarlermasters, or cotnmisj sioners in this Department, who do not take and subscribe to an oath of allogiance similar to thnt prescribed bv the act of Congress, approved August Cth, 18G 1. Purehasing officers are j proiiibitod from maliing purchases of persona of known disloyalty to the governmont. Where articles neces?ary , for tho public service are held only bv disloyal persons, and cannot be purchased of Union men, the fact will be reported to these rteivs, when ! the proper instruc'ions will be given. All clerks, ngents and civil employees in the service of the United States in this depnrtment will bo reqtiired to take anti subscribe to tho oath prescribed by the aforesaid act of Congress. The attention tit all military officers is called to this order, and any otie who shall hereflftcr keep in tho Oovernment employ ment persons who fail to t:ike said oath of allegiance, er who announco and advocate dialoyalty to the TJnion will bo arrestod and "tried ior disobedience of ordors. It is reconimended that all clerifvtnen, professors and teachers, and all officers of public and privatn institutions for education, benevolonco, business and frade, who are in favor of tho perpetuation of the Union, voluntariiy subscribe and file the oath of all-gianco prescribêd bv the State Ordinaoce, in order that their patriotism may bi distinguished from thoso who wiöh to pnfoiirago rebellion and to prevent tho Government from restoring peace and prosperity to this city nnd State. By order of Major General Ilalleck. H. B. Mil.Kyx,


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