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The Expedition To Savannah

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A geotleman wbo returnpd from Port Koynl a day or tvvo sin ce, has furnUhed ns w:li soine otexesting information ín referenoo toiho Sbernron Expedition. lío left Hilton lleail on Tuosday tho 21st cf January, at which timo it was axpeated tliat there would be an advance toward Savannah tho next day. 'J hirteon gunboats were furnished uith coal and water on the '20th. Troops weru being taken on board several transporto, md t was believed thoy would follow the gunboals. A ship whieh thu rebels had punk n tlio ehannel in the rear of Fort Pulaski hnd been removed, several Bte.vnera, inciuding tho Mayflower, having taken part in tho tnsk of pulr ling heront. Piles, which the rebels had drivep lo prevent the passage of our imboats had nlso boen removed by drawing them out or sawing then) ofl, Tho third battalion of the Massnohueetts cavalry rogiment, was stationed on Hilton Ilcad, noar S ;abr"ok, on the borders of Boull ereek. Co). Williams bad his heaf'qnarters there, and the first battalion, reoently at Annapolis, was expected at tho same place. The horses of tho regiment were lnnded in good condition, and tfio men are in good hcalth and epirit6. The}' havo pitched tbeir tenKs in a pleasa'it and healthy plirce. Tho scoond battniion is at Beaufort; with General Stevens' brigade. Lieut. Col. Sargent is with them. There aro no other cavalry corps with Gen. Sherman' command. Gen. Sherman had a grand review of some 10,000 men at TTilton Ilead on the ]9th. All the bands wero con solidated, and tho review was a very fine ono. The number of men at Beaufort, is 4,000. They are in possession of the whole eland, although their pickets do not estend quite up to tho ferry, by whieh tho mainland is reached. Tho rebel piokets como down to the ferry on tho other side of the channel, and can bo secn from the island. It is be lioved that they havo batteries that could command tho approach to the ferry from tho ialand. The wholo commnnd is enjoying protty good health. Most of tho sickDess in the eanips is caused by tho men cxposing thcmnelves without proper clothing to t lio nightair. Theweatlier is warm dnring the day, but a co!d log riges at niüfht, and is especially disagreeablo at Hilton Head. The camp3 are in good condition, and notwithstanding the reporta of the domorulization of tho men, our informant says they will cowparo favorably in disciplino with the troops on the Potomac. lloses wero in bloom at Beaufort. How Thixgs ark Donh tn St. Louis. The following, from tho St. Louis Itepublican of tho 30th uit., bIiows how thiiis are done up in that placo ; "On Tueeday the rosidenco of Trusten Polk, Luca3 Wacc, was eutered by the United States military authorities, and tho valuo of hig assessment for the benefit of tho Missouri rofugees, $625 aud costs, was seized, as follows : Ono oak hat-raclt, two oak chairs, two sofas, ono center table, four sofa-bottoraed chaira, two easy chaira, ono carriago, ono what-not, one hair-bottorned sofa, two canescat ohaira, two hotel chairs, four hair-bottomcd chairs, one imilation rosewood meddler, one piano, two carpeta, the latter comprising over one hundred yards. " Mrs. Itebccca Sire, o. 9t Olive street. was assessed for L100, and a piano, mahogany sofa and rosewood what-not were taken trom her residence to satisfy an execution for $125 and costs."


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