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Matrimony In France

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A married Frenchwoinan is in every respect Ler husband's eqnal ; he is not lier lord and master, but hor friond. - " Mon ami" is the title by whieh sho ad drosses hiin. The law niay requiro her to lovo hiin, to honor him by virtuous couduct, but not to Sbey him. He has, indeed, a eertain superiority in tlie management of their conrmon interests, but her rights are none the more afí'ected f'or that iu ceriain cases her coneurrence is indiapensable, and she has a delibérate voice with an absolute veto. She remains the mistress of her whole fortune, by making a reservation respecting her personal property. The husbaud and wife are two partners wlio club thoir capital for mutual advautage, but who keep it distinct in their accounts, to facilítate any partial and completo dissolation.- She cau mako her will, and leave her husband without a sau of bers; if ghe dics atéstate, her property-, in somo cases, slips couipletcly through bis fnigers. - Sbe must will it to him, for it to be safe and suro. The profits arising frnm tlio iodostrj of the husband and wife, and the savings they niay be able to put by, forni a come mon stock, to the half of whioh the wifis entitle. The law places sucli confidence in her, that in the event of her widowhood, she, bv right, fl the guardián of her childreu. Betweea brothers snd sisters there eïists a perfect ecjuality as to thoir rights of inberitanoe frora their futher and motlior. If the pareuts are inclined to disturb th3 equality, or to favor a third person to the prejudice of their children, the law fixes limits to tbe power of bequoathiiig A Frenclunan cannot put oíi an oü'ending son or daughter with a shilling, nor can he impover ih bis neglected faiuily by leaviug large suma to charitable institutiocs.


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