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A Battle Near Santa Fe.

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J)i:nvkr uity, April 1, l via JuLKsnt'-no, April 9, 1862. $ Information frorn New Mexico states tliat on 6he26th lilfc, Col. Slough, with 1,300 men, reacbed Apache Pass. - ELis advapce, ooneiating of' three cornpanies of cavalry, had an engagement some distuijce beyond this wíth 250 rebel cavalry, taking 57 prisoners. ïlie Federal lose was íour killed and eleven vvour.ded. At J'iüfoon's Ranéh, fiftcon miles from Santa Fe, on the .Sth, Col. Slough met a foree of 1,100 ïexans, strongly posted at the rnouth of u canon, 'l'lie fight began about noon, Col. Slough engaging them in front with seven companies; Major (Jhivington with four companies attacked them in the rear. This latter torco eucceeded in driving the rebel guard away from their suppty train which was captured and burned. They alsb cnptured one cannon and spiked it. The fight coiitiuued dosperately until four o'clock, when it ceased by mutual consent. Col Slough withdrew . his forcea to a creek four milsa distant, The Federal loss was tliree oliiucrtj and twenty privates killed, and forty or fífty wounded. Tho rabel loss is not known. Communication between Colonels Slough and Canby was con tinualiy kept up.


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